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Chants of Shiva

by Manish Vyas
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released 11. December 2021


Adiyogi. The Shiva Mantra Album by Manish Vyas

ADIYOGI:chants of Shiva

"This album was inspired in the energy of Shiva, who can be the most compassionate one, to the most fierce "Kalbhairav." It is an immense privilege and a blessing to have a lifetime opportunity to musically interact with these ancient, powerful and beautiful chants.

"In my perspective, meditating on the sounds of Shiva can bring an integration, an awakening and stability within oneself. Since childhood, these sacred sounds have surrounded and embraced me time and again, and I am sure it will give the listener and meditator a sense of centering, focus, strength and receptivity to Shiva’s grace and blessings. And when one is in that space, the aura becomes like a Shivalinga, which is the seed of the Universe, as we say in India."

Manish Vyas


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Sanskrit is known as the language of the Gods. Its alphabet is like a mantra with immense power. Sanskrit is said to have emerged from the sound of Shiva's drum, known as Damru. Shiva also played his Damru as the universe was created. These sounds are able to create, maintain, regulate, transform, destroy.


Such is the power of sacred sound, such is the energy of Shiva and the mantras, stotras and prayers presented in this album. Feel this energy through the music from India and the ancient texts, which can have amazing power and protective, uplifting, energizing, transforming effects.

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Shiva is not a person, it represents an energy. It is the energy of strength, courage, truth, invincibility, simplicity, integrity, awareness, clarity of thought, fearless action. Shiva is all that Is: Eternity, Infinity, Totality

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