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Ānanda Nāda
Blissful Sounds of Santoor
8 tracks, 59 min.
Published worldwide by Manish Vyas ©  and  ℗ 2019


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A very special album, led by the soothing, seductive sounds of Santoor  (a 100-stringed ancient Instrument from the mountain region of India) and enhanced by subtle vocals, sitar, violin and other delicate eastern sounds composed and arranged by Manish Vyas. Melodies with the soul and heart in India meant to inspire pure emotion and stillness in the hearts of those who listen.
It is said that Indian music cannot be done without a deep emotion related to the depth of this music and culture. And this is really the case. That is why in each piece of this album, there is a reflection of a certain moment, a certain mood, a certain chapter in life... which is transmitted through the wonderful mirror of music.
Raga based pieces, meant to dive into the seductiveness of eastern mellow rhythms and captivating sounds, taking one into the space of relaxation. The vocals that come in and out along the album beautify the space, since they were specifically created for this style of music, relating to mystical India in its most characteristic quality: the presence of the essence, of the soul.
This album brings an unique sound to the world. It is meant to be used in any space and situation... in meditation, in nature, in loving company, in uplifting solitude, in the practice of yoga, walking through nature, before sleep, in the early morning... 
"These melodies slowly have been embraced at different moments of my life, giving birth to these compositions, which can take us all into a journey of tranquility, love, peace, meditation, balance.  These sounds that can take you to that harmonious space, just by relaxing and letting go. One can't describe it, you have to listen and experience the power of Indian sounds, rhythms and melodies." MV
Sacred Music from India with Manish Vyas


Ānanda means bliss and Nāda, sound. The quality of these sounds is that they are able to purify and harmonize the outer and inner energy, in alignment with one's natural vibration.


Music can open the door to higher awareness - where one feels in harmony experiencing love, joy, peace, balance, health, positive thoughts. And only certain combination of sounds have that power. When sounds and notes are combined in a specific manner, they have the power to sooth and balance.

"What is so fascinating about music based on ragas is that it can create sounds closer to nature and to one's essence. This is specially felt throughout the different melodies and soothing moods found in this album."


Nature gives and takes and is ever inspiring.


a b o u t   t h e   a l b u m

 t r a c k s :

1. King of the Ragas - Darbari
2. Longing for the Union
3. Nādabrahma - Divine Sound
4. I am That
5. Raga of the Kings - Darbari
6. Ganga Utsav
7. Ānanda Nada
8. Sacchidananda

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Krunal Parmar.JPG
hiren pithadia.jpg


"Indian music allows the highest form of composition through the use of ragas which express life, character, emotions and feelings, allowing to enter the inner world, which is only felt and seen by our soul."

Manish Vyas and the true essence of Indian music


"In the ancient India, music was always considered sacred, a medium to connect with the highest. That is why music was one of the best offerings to deities in the temples in India. Music was never a source of entertainment but was only used as a channel to connect with the Self, the being, the silence, peace. That is why music, especially Indian music, has the capacity to take the listeners to the innermost core of their beings. Indian music has this incredible quality to create gaps of silence, which connects us with what is known as Anãhat Nãda,, the unstruck sound - where everything has begun and where everything dissolves.


"During my time with various masters in India, I learnt from them this capacity of music, this immense potential of music which can become a tool in one’s inner journey. Music can be used to attain states of peace and relaxation. It just has to be the right combination of sounds, melodies, instruments, rhythms... and silence between notes.


"During my years as a composer, I've learnt that though a lot of music is used just for entertainment, it can also be created for opening a space beyond the mind, to take the listener to connect with one’s own being, bringing to a space of gratitude and silence. And since then, my relation to music as a creator, has been to remain engaged in this path, making a small contribution where possibly this kind of music can uplift the energy and give a taste of something beyond." Manish Vyas



there are tools and techniques to bring us back to the essence, to the genuine. music is one.

Mantra needs exact pronunciation


sound is Brahman

the manifestation of the universe

sound manifests itself

in the form of all life

sound is karma

sound is dharma

sound is the ultimate essence

sound is that which binds

sound is that which liberates

sound is the bestower of all

sound is the power behind everything

sound is everything.


"I heard the album Ananda Nada, but unfortunately i can't use any words to appreciate you for that work. Because that creation is beyond the description of words. I feel it like a music from an enlightened musician. Thank you." V. Molly



Santoor is an ancient 100 string instrument from the Himalayan region of India. Through its sound, it has the magic of reflecting the serenity and beauty of the mountains and their silent yet powerful surroundings. Its rhythms follow the clouds, the waterfalls, the wind. Its melodies accompany like silent floating boats with gentleness, embracing all.

This tranquility is able to spread like ripples on the water, refreshing the whole being; connecting with the soul. In India, sound or Naad has immense power and is worshiped as BRAHMAN, the supreme. The right sound is able to transform, and bring into balance. By remaining in that harmony, one can touch the state of ANANDA (bliss), the place of unity, peace and meditative bliss. The soundless sound.



music excels religion, for music raises the soul of man even higher than the so-called external forms of religion. Inayat Khan


Listeners Comments

I just purchased this album and i am enjoying it so much. Smooth and melodious. You are a genius! –  Yogesh, Dubai

Congratulations Manish!!I always love to hear your composition...Santoor.. so soulful you are playing... just speechless!  Bina, UK

Congratulations for yet another fabulous album. The tranquility of expression and finesse of highlighting the Dharma of right music in establishing connect with our own SELF and to feel Aham Brahmasmi. There are large number of famous singers who sings devotional song. They make great sound... but Manish, when you sing divinity embrace, because you create music or sing, you will be in a different state of mind, the ultimate state of consciousness. Once again, thank you for your continued efforts in showcasing true essence of Indian music. –  Sanjeev, Mysore India

As always all your albums are so deep and profound. I loved the commentary on this video enlightening .  Meera

The album is lovely! Well done! We love it here in South Africa. –  Kapeel

Superb peaceful soothing album. Congrats – Pallavi

Another beautiful album - delicate and soulful - each track is exquisite - infinite gratitude for your grace in my life and teachings and soothing the worlds hearts with your sound. –  Ahlka, UK

New released CD is very soothing bliss. I have been listing your music  since you released Shivoham.  Luv & joy light...  Indu

Exquisita música! Se nota el Espíritu en ella! Gracias!!  DespertarYoga

Your voice and energy dissolves all sense of time and space.  Tiger, US

Thank you very much for all your magic work.  Lisa, Schweiz's beautiful as always and I have shared it with my group. Keep producing blissful peaceful sounds, it gives me so much relaxation, peace of mind from stress of work and other duties in life. God bless.  Meena, UK

Namaste! Thank you and all those who put soul and creativity in the beautiful album Ananda nada! Thank you for sharing with the world the real sound of ancient mantras. –  Kolibri

Qué melodía tan sutil, te llega al corazón, tus pensamientos viajan a travez de sus sonidos. Yo la repetí varias veces. Gracias por compartir. Irma, Argentina

I thought of sharing this small experience. I happened to listen to 'Ganga Utsav'  and instantly felt that the music is taking me to the banks of Ma Ganga; in a serene early morning. I have never been there in this life; planning to go once. - Hari

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the mystery of sound is mysticism

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