Atma Bhakti

 healing sounds of prayer

Copyright 2015 Manish Vyas all right s reserved 

Music for prayer, yoga, meditation, relaxation, peaceful sleep, good energy, introspection, moments of peace.


The magic of Bansuri, enchanting and hypnotic vocals, Indian Harp, Tanpura, different type of bells, devotional mantras and prayers, softly and beautifully combined, giving a sense of overall peace and wellbeing, as if being caressed by a loving touch. These pieces are an invitation to let go, to forget time and space, to decelerate from the outer world and fuse with existence… and simply just ‘be.’


Atma Bhakti was conceived in worship to the divine, inner and outer. This music evokes the vibrations of an ancient temple with echoing bells and prayers resounding distantly, transporting the listeners to a state of inner peace, letting the ease of the sounds embrace their beings, while merging in a peaceful effortless meditation.

Composition, vocals, music and arrangement: Manish Vyas

Featuring the hypnotic and magical banusri by Milind date, one of the senior most disciple of the bansuri maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, along with the soothing enchanting vocals of Manish Vyas, this music is an inviation to let go, to forget time and space, to decelerate from the outer world, fuse with existence... and simply just 'be'.

"Give this world-tinged recording a try if you want to get in a spiritual, peaceful mood. It is good for listening or to put on during spiritual explorations." Buzz Music



Listening to this music you can get a profound sense of well-being. It is “feel-good music” in an unusual sense, not as party music, but as soulful uplifting, spirit-ascending music. Now that is a ride worth taking." Magle International Music Forums


No matter what reason you choose to listen to his music, you will find, that you are refreshed and relaxed when the final note has been delivered." Janet Mawdesley



In can clearly be perceived that in Manish’s case, his spiritual and musical paths cannot be separated since they obviously complement and fulfill each other." Music Industry News Network



This is not music intended for entertainment. Perhaps the word “entrainment” would be more appropriate. "Atma Bhakti" is a powerful meditative listening experience that is rich with the sacred heritage of an ancient culture. Manish Vyas is a skilled musician and vocalist who uses his considerable talents and deep spirituality to illuminate this inspirational recording. Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus, USA 



Vyas’s latest project uses the magic of Bansuri, mesmerizing and hypnotic chants, Indian harp, tanpura, bamboo flute, Buddhist bells, mantras and prayers, which together convey a sense of peace and well-being.  These three tracks, which still take up more than 66 minutes together, constitute an invitation to let go, to forget time and space, forget the outside world, to get out of the rat race and to let go.  This is timeless meditation that draws your attention inward. Patrick Van de Wiele, KEYS & CHORDS, Belgium


Life is a balance between rest and movement. – OSHO


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