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Atma Bhakti

 healing sounds of prayer


3 tracks, about 66 min total

Copyright 2015 Manish Vyas all right s reserved

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Music for inner prayer, yoga, meditation, relaxation, peaceful sleep, good energy, introspection, moments of peace.
1. ATMA ... 32'
2. BHAKTI ... 29'


The magic of Bansuri, subtle vocals, Indian Harp, Tanpura, keyboards, bells and gongs, vedic chanting, are softly combined, giving a sense of overall peace and wellbeing, as if being caressed by a loving touch. These pieces are an invitation to let go, to forget time and space, to decelerate from the outer world and fuse with existence… and simply just ‘be.’ Just play the CD and dive into the space of atma bhakti : the worship of the higher self, where true silence resides.


Atma Bhakti was conceived in worship to the divine, inner and outer. This music evokes the vibrations of ancient temples and monasteries, with echoing bells and prayers resounding distantly, transporting the listener to a state of inner peace, letting the ease of the sounds embrace their beings, while merging in a peaceful effortless meditation. It is also perfect music to accompany before sleep or during early morning contemplation.

Composition, vocals, arrangement, production : Manish Vyas

Bansuri : Milind Date

Listen to the samples in the player below

Manish Vyas is a singer from India who is also a composer and multi-instrumentalist. This album has two long half-hour tracks and a final track of Vedic chanting that is five minutes long. The longer tracks, Atma (soul or the divine) and Bhakti (devotion or worship) are deeply meditative in nature. Listen and acknowledge the divine within and without! Highly recommended!" -- Spirit Passages

about Vedic Chanting

"I have been listening to this since a very long time because how raw and original the music is. Something about it is very different, calming and I would request to keep composing such melodies." Susana

I listen these chants most of the time within a week, this chants make me feel more peaceful and meditative, wonderful Manishji. Om Namah Shivay." Shubham

This has been one of the best creations of the 21st century for spiritual souls, thank you a million times. We chant this daily. Keep making such wonderful heavenly sounds." Umesh



Featuring the hypnotic and magical Bansuri flute by Milind date, one of the senior most disciple of the bansuri maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, along with the soothing enchanting vocals of Manish Vyas, this music is an invitation to let go, to forget time and space, to decelerate from the outer world, fuse with existence... and simply just 'be'.


"Everyone is always seeking happiness and something more than what they have. "The quest for peace is never ending among humans but at the same time they don't realize that one can only be truly peaceful when one finds inner soundness." 


This could be also attained by sitting silently and going inwards for a while each day. And choosing the right kind of music that may help in this process is an important element to direct the meditation smoothly and help the process of finding inner silence in a pleasant way. The sounds from India have focused on this for millennia, therefore they naturally contribute to help the seeker find the space of meditation without disturbing the silence.

Manish Vyas and meditative music



"Give this world-tinged recording a try if you want to get in a spiritual, peaceful mood. It is good for listening or to put on during spiritual explorations." Buzz Music



Listening to this music you can get a profound sense of well-being. It is “feel-good music” in an unusual sense, not as party music, but as soulful uplifting, spirit-ascending music. Now that is a ride worth taking." Magle International Music Forums


No matter what reason you choose to listen to his music, you will find, that you are refreshed and relaxed when the final note has been delivered." Janet Mawdesley



In can clearly be perceived that in Manish’s case, his spiritual and musical paths cannot be separated since they obviously complement and fulfill each other." Music Industry News Network

India-born composer, musician, and singer Manish Vyas presents Atma Bhakti, a music album created especially for prayer, meditation, and mind-body devotional practices such as yoga. Manish’s balanced vocals complement his talent with multiple instruments, including the swar-mandal (a harp from India), tanpura (a long-necked, plucked-string instrument from India), keyboards, gong, and bells. Manish’s friend Milind Date lends lilting bamboo flute strains; Jay Dave, Krishna Jani, and Singdha Pious contribute choir vocals. The result is a beautifully flowing treasure for new age collections. The Bookwatch, USA

Compared to chant recordings on labels such as White Swan and Spirit Voyage, Manish Vyas’ Atma Bhakti on New Earth Records is a marked departure. Other than the concluding five-minute “Vedic Chanting,” there are only two tracks on the album, each about 30 minutes in length. In addition the brief mantras on each track are interspersed by long stretches of instrumental music (swarmandal, keyboards, bells, tanpura, and bamboo flute). Musically this is somewhat akin to works from Indian ambient fusion artist Al Kromer Ghan, but less centered on electronics and more on traditional Indian motifs. It’s ideal meditation music with serene, contemplative atmospheres like aromatic incense wafting upwards in the air. Retailing Insight, USA



This is not music intended for entertainment. Perhaps the word “entrainment” would be more appropriate. "Atma Bhakti" is a powerful meditative listening experience that is rich with the sacred heritage of an ancient culture. Manish Vyas is a skilled musician and vocalist who uses his considerable talents and deep spirituality to illuminate this inspirational recording. Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus, USA 



Vyas’s latest project uses the magic of Bansuri, mesmerizing and hypnotic chants, Indian harp, tanpura, bamboo flute, Buddhist bells, mantras and prayers, which together convey a sense of peace and well-being.  These three tracks, which still take up more than 66 minutes together, constitute an invitation to let go, to forget time and space, forget the outside world, to get out of the rat race and to let go.  This is timeless meditation that draws your attention inward. Patrick Van de Wiele, KEYS & CHORDS, Belgium

There are so many “new age” artists out there ’round the globe today that it’s often difficult to tell who the “pretenders” are. Suffice it to say that as you listen to the 30 minute opener, “Atma”, you will know beyond all shadow of doubt that Manish’s studies and performances have made him a genuine master of music that transcends all “labels”… that he truly understands that chanting does not have to be at some certain measured pulse, and that when the vocal is woven peacefully into the flute and other instruments, a state of peace becomes reality for both the player and the listener – truly soul-touching! Don’t come to this album with any expectations, just rest the headphones gently on your cranium and let the magic of pieces like my personal favorite of the tunes offered up, “Bhakti“, is (for sure, my friends) what you need to help you on your journey! I give Manish a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 5.00 – that means, of course, that the album gets a “PICK” for “best devotional music”. Rotcod Zzaj (Doctor Jazz)


Spirituality+Health Magazine reviews Manish Vyas
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There are souls who are at the stage of evolution in which every word is the sacred name. But when a wise Teacher gives a method it is not given to exalted souls but to beginners. Therefore words are selected and given by the guru, as a physician would give a prescription, knowing for which purpose it is given.


Life is a balance between rest and movement. – OSHO

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