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About the Album

Sattva (Sanskrit for “the essence of being”) invokes the silent, serene space that awaits us beyond our mind. On this soulful debut offering, gifted multi-instrumentalist Manish Vyas displays a splendid musical sensibility. His expressive voice and rich compositions based on ancient mantras and tarana reflect a natural intuition for crafting dynamic soundscapes from traditional influences. 

The product of a musical family and student of the late tabla maestro Ustad Allarakha (the father of Zakir Hussain), Manish demonstrates his astounding rhythmic talents--as well as his seductive vocal virtuosity and mastery of the santoor--to full effect. With contributions from longtime collaborator Prem Joshua (Water Down the Ganges, Dance of Shakti) and an international cast of gifted musicians, Sattva vibrates with silence, devotion and prayer--an ideal accompaniment to yoga, massage, meditation and enlightened listening.

released May 13, 2003 

Review on Bandcamp

This is such a sensitive, soulful and beautiful album. Every song touches the heart. There isn't a bad track in the entire album. I have been listening to the whole album over and over. 

Music can be understood only by those who have a musical ear. And those who have a musical ear should think themselves fortunate because beyond music, just one step more, they enter the world of meditation, silence. Silence is the ultimate music.

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