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4 hours of instrumental healing music from this collection

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The HEALING RAGAS Collection

Along the years, a collection of instrumental-only music based on Indian Ragas has developed, to share the feel and depth of meditative, mystical, emotional India. Manish on composition, Santoor, Keyboards and Tabla accompanied on Bansuri by Bikramjit on the first three releases and by Milind Date on Bansuri on the most recent release. Together they create the most pure sound of ragas from India, reflecting the power and magic of Indian music and its magic expressed through ragas, which are melodic modes or scales which bring different emotions, feelings, moods when played. Each raga is an array of melodic structures with musical motifs, considered in the Indian tradition to have the ability to "color the mind" and affect the emotions of the performer and the audience. There are hundreds of Ragas in the Indian music system, which have developed since ancient times.



Bikram Singh


Manish Vyas


Milind Date

WHAT IS A RAGA. Raga is a unique set of selected notes which provides immense creative potential for improvisation. Indian music is based on Ragas, and a given raga can have various effects. Ragas have a certain specific rasa (mood) which has an impact to the listener in different ways. The emotional effect of raga is determined by the frequencies of the notes that form the tune and on its jiva swaras and nyasa swaras. Bhava or the emotion transmitted, is considered as the essence of Indian music, which gives life to the raga being played. Indian ragas are suitable for emotional healing in conditions such as anxiety and stress, and induce a state of meditativeness and calmness.


Healing Ragas I


Music for Meditation Indian Ragas
Healing Ragas 1 by Manish Vyas and Bikram Singh

1. Raga Yaman :   27' 12''

2. Raga Bhairavi :  32' 58''

A one-hour instrumental album of exquisite beauty and sensitivity, performed by two of today's most brilliant emerging performers of Indian classical-fusion music: Manish Vyas and Bikramjit Singh. Two wonderful ragas from India, chosen for their power, feeling and soothing mood, are performed on Bansuri flute, Santoor, keyboards and subtle sounds of Tabla, to bring the listener into a state of deep relaxation and serenity. This music is designed to facilitate and deepen a space of calmness and peacefulness of the heart- where healing, deep relaxation and deep sleep can take place. Wherever you are, even in the middle of a busy city, this music will bring a sense of harmony when you play it. Each track is about half hour long. One is traditionally a morning raga, and one is a night raga, although you can listen any time. The magic of raga compositions is felt in the heart and in the soul, that is the beauty and quality of Indian music. 


Raga Yaman: A night raga which is very romantic in nature and comes from the Hindustani music tradition. It is considered to be one of the most fundamental ragas in the tradition. Yaman means the full moon. Raga Yaman is performed at a time when nature or the universe creates an ambience of complete surrender to the ultimate, after a hectic day. Raag Yaman demonstrates the various emotions or rasas such as joy, devotion (bhakti) and peace (shanti). One can completely surrender one's soul to the ultimate, through immersing in the ecstatic, sweet feeling of Yaman.


Raga Bhairavi: is a morning raga, but it can be played the whole day, and it can evoke different moods in the listener. Bhairavi relates to the Mahavidya goddess named Bhairavi. This is one of the ancient ragas from India, said to have been prevalent about 1500 years ago. It is quite popular and there are numerous compositions in it, being one of the most popular ragas on the concert stage, due to its very wide scope for improvisation. In modern times, it is usually performed as the concluding piece in concerts. It gives a very uplifting yet relaxing feeling.




"Healing Ragas just takes me off into a place of pure inner space"


​"Healing Ragas is ideal music for attuning, relaxing, massage or other moments when a state of deep rest is desired. It is designed to facilitate and deepen a space of calmness and peacefulness of the heart where healing, deep relaxation or sleep can take place"


"If you need a chill out disc or music to soothe you, this is it! Wonderful ragas performed by great musicians. You cannot go wrong with this disc. Wonderful for yoga, meditation, relaxation. Enjoy!"


"Very relaxing, helps a lot with trying to meditate/relax"


"I play the morning raga almost every morning during a still meditation burning an incense, the evening raga after the sunset... amazing music to fall in love with and silently, peacefully takes you into a beautiful deep meditation."


"I listen during meditation and when I just want some beautiful music in my life."


"I use this CD every night to help me fall asleep. It is a wonderful tape for meditation and relaxation. Indeed, very healing."


"It is Relaxing and Healing. I use it in most of my healing sessions, Meditations, and workshops. Each and every one who have heard it have loved it and express how relaxing it feels."


"I am a massage therapist, teacher, school owner and also musician, a former student of Ali Akbar Khan and his son (back in 1967!). I think this is a superb recording. It works very well for massage, in the classroom setting, as well as for yoga. Thanks - very good music!!"


"Wunderbar entspannend zu Massagesitzungen, für Seelenreisen und gefühte Meditationen, dauert genau 60 Minuten, daher auch gut zum timen. Ich hör mich auch nicht satt dran."


"Ich kann diese CD sehr empfehlen. Sie ist einfach rundum hochwertig und gut zum meditieren oder sonst wie Ruhe in Körper und Geist zu finden. Auch die anderen CDs dieser Reihe sind ebenso kostbar. Nich alles was in diesem Sektor so angeboten wird kann man auch längere Zeit anhören... diese CD schon..."


Healing Ragas II


Healing Ragas vol 2 Manish Vyas and Bikram Singh
Healing Ragas meditation music vol 2

1. Raga Kirwani :   29' 05''

2. Raga Charukeshi :  28' 20''

A one-hour instrumental album performed by two of today's most brilliant emerging performers of Indian classical-fusion music: Manish Vyas and Bikramjit Singh. Following the first album of this series Healing Ragas vol 1, the duo brings an amazing creation of two new Ragas: Kirwani and Charukeshi, both evening ragas. Almost an hour of musical solace for body, mind and soul. A mystical dialogue between Bamboo flute and Indian Santoor, this music can bring relaxation and stillness to the mind. Each track is about half hour long.​​


Raga Charukeshi: a very melodious raga,  a unique combination of many ragas. A raga that evokes inexplicable emotions in our hearts and often melts it would be Charukeshi. Known to incite feelings of emotion, compassion and devotion in the listener. Charukeshi (meaning: with beautiful hair) best expresses longings and yearnings in love, piety, and pleading.


Raga Kirwani: A south Indian raga for the night time, assumed to have originated from the Carnatic system of music. It is a soulful raga. Songs in Kirwani raga have a meloncholy, heart-rending and sentimental feel. It is a harmonic minor raga with moods of love, devotion and a touch of nostalgy.




"I listen during meditation and when I just want some beautiful music in my life."


"Very calm meditative Indian music. Good for meditation, contemplation, yoga and relaxing moods."


"Great chill down, massage, meditation, contemplation music. i work in the healing arts and have heard much in this genre of music and this i rank among the top."


"This CD delivers beautiful, deeply relaxing music, which I use for meditation, chi gong, yoga, massage sessions, bath soaks, or destressing after work."


"Excellent for massage or meditation. very mellow and my clients love it and always ask about it. i recommend for any massage therapist."


"Wonderful. A beautiful follow up to the first Healing Ragas series. Lovely! x"


"I would recommend it to anyone that needs a little help getting better sleep! Nice, calming CD to relax to."


"Sehr schöne und entspannende instrumentale Musik, die einen tief in die Meditation eintauchen lässt und die Zeit vergeht wie im Fluge. Sehr abwechslungsreich und die Übergänge sind schön harmonisch gestaltet."


"...zeitlos zum Eintauchen. Wundervolle sehr hochwertige CD. Bestens geeignet zum Meditieren und als Begleitmusik für Massage etc.Der Musikstil ist indisch und unaufdringlich. Sofern man mit Musik aus Indien was anfangen kann.Sie nervt nicht und man kann sie lange laufen lassen.Ich habe auch die andere CD aus der Serie, die ich ebenfalls wärmstens ans Herz legen kann.Diese hier habe ich bei unserem Masseur entdeckt und gehört der uns ab und an in der Arbeit unseren verspannten Körper verwöhnt.Er hat sie mir sofort empfohlen. Ein wichtiges Stück in meiner Sammlung."


"Für Massagen und der Entspannungsphase im Yoga brauche ich sanfte gleichmäßig melodiöse Musik.Der Titel bedeutet übersetzt soviel wie heilende Klangströme und diese kann der Hörer dann auch in voller Länge genießen (Titel 1: 29 min Titel 2: 28 min)Es sind reine Instrumentalstücke und meines Erachtens ohne Synthesiser & Co produziert.Ich nutze die Musik gern bei meiner Arbeit und bin mit diesem Kauf sehr zufrieden."

Manish Vyas plays Santoor
bikramjit singh.png

Moonlight Ragas


moonlight ragas healing ragas manish vyas

1. Raga Darbari :   27' 08''
2. Raga Jhinjhoti :  30' 02''

Two new evening ragas masterfully performed by the duo Mandala: Bikramjit Singh and Manish Vyas. Specifically suited for evening relaxation, this third release in the successful Healing Ragas series is certain to please all meditative music fans. An album of exquisite beauty and sensitivity, performed by two of today’s most brilliant emerging performers of Indian classical music from India. Two night-time Ragas, chosen for their soothing mood, are performed on Bamboo flute, Santoor and tabla to lull you into a feeling of deep relaxation and serenity. The music is designed to facilitate and deepen a space of calmness and peacefulness of the heart where healing, deep relaxation or sleep can take place.

"An immersive atmosphere of relaxed, meditative Indian sounds - Manish Vyas and Bikramj Singh return with their third release as Mandala, once again offering an immersive atmosphere of relaxed, meditative Indian sonorities. The music is tranquil, deliberate pacing makes it an easy choice for calming your nerves, or even preparing for sleep at night. it would also be beneficial for Asian healing practices or Shavasana session at the end of asana practice" - Music Design Review

Healing Ragas III


Healing Ragas by Manish Vyas from India instrumental

1. Awakening - Raga Basant Mukhari : 32' 52''

2. Solitude - Raga Malkauns : 33' 14''

Manish Vyas plays Santoor, keyboards and Tabla and is accompanied this time by the entrancing flute playing of Milind Date. The result of their combined artistry are two new original compositions that are based on the Indian ragas.
“Healing Ragas III” makes an absolutely exquisite soundtrack for meditation, massage and therapeutic practices, yoga, or just relaxing. On this album, Manish plays santoor, tablas and percussion, keyboards, swarmandal and bells. For those who may not be familiar the santoor is an Indian stringed musical instrument, played by striking it with a pair of small wooden hammers. The swarmandal is basically a small harp. It is generally used for the drone to accompany vocalists in Hindustani Classical music. In addition, the bamboo bansuri flute is beautifully played by Milind Date. The two songs on this recording are original compositions based on traditional Indian ragas.

From the opening sweep of harp strings over a dreamy keyboard soundscape, the listener is drawn right into an exotically enchanted space on a half hour long journey called “Awakening – Raga Basant Mukhari.” Milind’s meditative flute adds a melodic element alternating with the hammer dulcimer-like sound of Manish on santoor. The use of reverb and echo on the flute add a mystical far-away feel that reminded me of the caves in the movie “A Passage To India.” After drifting serenely for approximately eight and a half minutes, there is a shift as Manish begins a relaxed rhythm on the tabla drums, providing a sense of motion. The rhythm doesn’t break up the deep space that has been established but actually entrains the listener in its flow. The synthesizer background is subtle and supportive, creating a cloud of ambient sound for the music to float on.

The second of the two half hour tracks is “Solitude – Raga Malkauns.” The first word that comes to mind in listening to it is “deep.” Manish’s music is truly designed for an inner journey. I particularly enjoyed hearing it with headphones, as the wonderful stereo imaging is enhanced and the tinkling chimes, bells, and Indian harp glissandos move between the left and right side creating an immersive listening experience. Milind’s long sustained flute notes add to the celestial ambiance. As on “Awakening,” Manish brings in his tabla and other percussive accents later in the song.

Although the two tracks are quite long at about thirty-three minutes each, they never seem repetitive or drawn out. There is a constant current of musical elements that come in and out of the mix as the raga evolves. Once immersed in the flow, you almost don’t want it to end as you drift downstream in sonic serenity. -Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus, USA

"One can never go wrong going for Manish's new works. This CD (in the line of the previous Healing Ragas but yet different) is a pleasure to the senses. Beautiful quality music to add to my playlists and to be played any moment, any time - to accompany an activity, to read, to drive, or just to be silent and let the sounds do their magic. Super recommended." -Amazon

Bansuri in the Healing Ragas Collection meditative music


Music which transports the listener to mystical India and its eternal wisdom and inspiration.

“The world by day is like European music; a flowing concourse of vast harmony, composed of concord and discord and many disconnected fragments. And the night world is our Indian music; one pure, deep and tender Raga.” ― Rabindranath Tagore


“The knower

of the mystery

of sound


the mystery

of the

whole universe.”

h. i. khan

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