Release date for download and streaming: 23.10.2022
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India My Love - new yoga music album manish vyas


Music that reflects the nature of this
magic land, India: its soul, its depth,
its mystery, its meditative space.
Sounds that can take us beyond, into a
space of calmness and silence.
For all lovers of refined eastern raga-
based melodies, which are able to create
a space of relaxation and a sense of
well-being. Music to enjoy at any time,
chill, enhance good vibes, inspire a serene,
joyful, relaxing, silent atmosphere.

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"For me, India is not just my motherland but a love affair with divinity, beauty, grace, simplicity, wisdom. It is not just any ordinary piece of land, but a whole different dimension of humanity's evolution on various levels. So many amazing aspects of life were born, grown and nurtured here which eventually carved a path for the rest of the humanity to discover something truly precious within one's being. 

 "Amongst the wonderful gifts India has given to the world, one of the most precious is music: the Ragas, created by the rishis or seers, were simply a musical manifestation of their deepest states of meditation. A reflection of such a state would naturally carry the fragrance and a glimpse of the dimension which lies across our routine state.


Symbolizing a love affair with the real spirit of India, this album is a musical landscape of such meditative spaces, passionately envisioned and crafted to create a space of joy and love with that energy field called Bhãrat, India." Manish Vyas



“The true use of music is to become musical in one's thoughts." H. I. Khan



All the pieces in this album have been composed by Manish Vyas. He also plays in it Santoor, Swarmandal, Keyboard, Percussions as well as some vocals. With the valuable collaboration of lifetime partners and great musicians, Milind Date (Flute) and Bhagirath Bhatt (Sitar) and the magic of Ragas, this work reflects the potential of music from India, which cannot be described but can be deeply felt.

Art Director



Why does music appeal so much to humanity? The whole of manifestation has its origin in vibration, in sound. This sound, which is called Nada in the Vedanta was the first manifestation of the universe.

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"Your music is created with profound love, hence it touches our hearts divinely" Sunita

"Beautiful, touching so deep heart and soul as always" Nataly

"Beautiful as always, love your voice Manish, you open my heart with your voice and music" Usha


"I try your healing music as a therapeutic armament in many anxious patients. One of my near and dear ones, who has diabetes and insomnia, I made him listen to your music. He rang me up that he did not take any sleeping pill, slept nicely and woke up very fresh... I am blessed to have you in my fraternity." Dr. Chakrapani Pandey



Though music transcends language, culture and time, and though notes are the same, Indian music is unique because it is evolved, sophisticated and melodies are defined. - D. Saraswati

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Thank You

Manish Vyas