(Nirvana Shatakam)

From the album "Shivoham"

Manish Vyas

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shivoham shivoham mantra nirvana shatakam


The origin of these verses:

When Adi Shankara, a young boy of eight was wandering in the Himalayas seeking to find his Guru, he encountered a sage who asked him, "Who are you?" The boy answered with these verses which are sung in this sacred song, which are known as "Nirvana Shatakam" or "Atma Shatakam". The sage the boy was talking to was Swami Govindpada Acharya, who was, indeed, the Master he was looking for.


Shivoham Shivoham : I am Bliss, I am Shiva.


Indian music can only be felt with the Heart. Fall in love with its true essence.

In any culture you love, support authenticity, in this way it will bring you the most beautiful flowers and will bear the fruits.


Thank you for downloading this music.

Enjoy it.

In peace.

In stillness.

In joy.

In love and Gratitude.


Manish Vyas is currently working on a movie where the true essence of sacred music from India is featured in the incredible world of Indian music, traditions and wisdom. You can see the trailer below and follow our youtube channel, as well as keeping informed about this project by subscribing to our newsletter.


Those who have a musical ear should think themselves fortunate because beyond music, just one step more, they enter the world of meditation, silence. Silence is the ultimate music.

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