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MANTRA and other forms of ancient sacred music have had their roots in India more than ten thousand years ago; during the time of the Vedas, when Rishis or wise ones discovered existing Sounds that were related to a form, thus a particular energy. In this way, it was discovered that a certain energy could be awakened through the use of sound, in other words, certain sounds being able to produce transformation. Some of them we can find among the oldest texts of Sanatan Dharma - which is not a religion but a path and lifestyle of excellence.
The source of Mantra is Sound - actually Mantra is a Sound, but not any sound. Probably it started being used about fifty thousand years ago when man was experimenting in nature with the effects of sound, and certain sound would be able to awaken a particular energy. Therefore the first point to understand is that Mantra is not about music, entertainment, concerts, singing-together... it is about a very complex science, the science of Sound.
Beyond my passion for Mantra, Music and culture from India, the intention behind this documentary, is to share the true essence of this ancient science and practice. Also reaching the west, where so many fake presentations of this ancient practice have been happening around the globe - like turning it into rock n roll, mispronouncing, calling Mantra what is not. Mantra is not a world of 'performance' and even less 'star-ship' - this is the first misunderstanding. Mantra is where the person melts, where the person remains hidden and the sound takes over, until the person disappears. It is also a very private, humble and silent practice. When sacred texts are put into music, this is done with uttermost respect and understanding. The movie also explores the training, the dedication, the deep study musicians in India do before using a mantra in music.

"It is time the world knows what is the original understanding and presentation of mantra, sacred music, yoga... their depth and sacredness. And also in this way re-connect to the root of these practices, reviving their potential, which are ultimately tools for achieving higher consciousness, liberation. And this shouldn't be forgotten."

We are working on this movie with a wonderful team mainly from India, and also in Switzerland, and of course the most valuable asset is the collaboration and testimonies of maestros in the field of mantra, sacred sound, naad yoga, yoga and different aspects of arts and music from India.

Thank you for your support, with His Blessings. Om Sai Ram - Manish Vyas


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The documentary got delayed due to the two years of lockdowns and restrictions to travel and work normaly. It is planned to be resumed April 2022 and hope to be released during spring 2023.

The movie will be presented in different documentary-film festivals worldwide and in different platforms for streaming and download. Language will be English and Hindi, with English and Spanish Subtitles.

It will be available online as well for those individuals, festivals, events and organisations who will wish to share it. Enter your mail in the mailing list if you like to get updates, ask or comment something.


"India is my soul - I come from a family of Brahmins, that for generations and generations have been from this blessed region of the planet called India. Bhārat (or India) has such a rich heritage that only few people can imagine. The depth of its sciences is such that it would require many lifetimes to even start mastering one small area. As a musician and a seeker, trained under some of the finest maestros and spiritual masters in India, I feel honoured to show to the world the depth of it. 
We were able to dive into these subjects with knowledgeable people, many times humbly hidden in some corner of India... but with so much knowledge and wisdom that one can simple bow down to them in respect and silence.
I dedicate this film to India and all these Gurus, teachers, musicians and participants in the film who are doing the same effort as me, to show an authentic source - without selfish interests but overall the love and respect for Bhārat - forever my beloved India."


The new Mantra documentary by Manish Vyas

In Sanskrit words are like living beings; depending on context, circumstance and environment their mood varies and meaning differs.

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