MANTRA and other forms of sacred music has its roots in India since more than ten thousand years and during the time of the Vedas, when Rishis or wise ones discovered existing Sounds that were related to a form or to a particular energy. In this way, it was discovered that a certain energy could be awakened through the use of sound, in other words, certain sounds being able to produce transformation. Some of them we can find among the oldest texts of Sanatan Dharma - which is not a religion but a lifestyle of excellence.


The source of Mantra is Sound - actually Mantra is a Sound, but not any sound - which probably started being used about 50 thousand years ago when man was experimenting in nature with the effects of sound and what energy a certain sound was able to awaken. Therefore the first point to understand is that Mantra is not about music, entertainment, concerts, singing-together... it is about a very complex science, the science of Sound.


Beyond my passion for Mantra, Music and culture from India, the intention behind this documentary, is to share the true essence of this ancient science. Also reaching the western practice, where so many fake presentations of this ancient technique have been happening around the globe - like turning it into rock n roll, mispronouncing, also calling Mantra what is not. Mantra is not a world of 'performance' and even less 'star-ship' - this is the first misunderstanding. Mantra is where the person melts, where the person remains hidden and the sound takes over, until the person disappears. It is also a very private practice.

It is time the world knows what is the original art, its depth, serenity and sacredness and also re-connect to the depth of these practices as a meditative tool for achieving higher consciousness.

We are working on this movie with a wonderful team from India and Switzerland, and thanks to the support, collaboration and testimonies of true maestros in the field of sacred sound.


Thank you for your support, with His Blessings. Om Sai Ram -Manish Vyas

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Teasers introducing different previews of this documentary-film

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The film was planned to release mid-December 2020, but the last stage work in India had to be postponed due to the emergency worldwide situation. Therefore it is now planned for 2021. When in 2021, will depend on the opening of the travelling and working activities.

The movie will be presented in different documentary-film festivals worldwide. Language will be English and Hindi, with English and Spanish Subtitles.

It will be available online as well for those individuals, festivals, events and organisations who will wish to share it. Enter your mail in the mailing list if you like to get updates, ask or comment something.



"India is my soul - I come from a family of Brahmins, that for generations and generations have been from this blessed region of the planet called India. Bhārat (or India) has such a rich heritage that only few people can imagine. The depth of its sciences is such that it would require many lifetimes to even start mastering one small area. As a musician and a seeker, trained under some of the finest maestros and spiritual masters in India, I feel honoured to show to the world the depth of it. 


We were able to dive into these subjects with knowledgeable people, many times humbly hidden in some corner of India... but with so much knowledge and wisdom that one can simple bow down to them in respect and silence.


I dedicate this film to India and all these Gurus, teachers, musicians and participants in the film who are doing the same effort as me, to show an authentic source - without selfish interests but overall the love and respect for Bhārat - forever my beloved India." 

The new Mantra documentary by Manish Vyas

In Sanskrit words are like living beings; depending on context, circumstance and environment their mood varies and meaning differs.

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some previews feedbacks

"This is going to be so good, simply because the trailer is extraordinary. Chanting is not performance. Whatever you do, do it with a qualified teacher."

"The trailer is exquisite it taps into the beauty of Vedic wisdom. Thank you, i can't wait to see this and more."

"The real deal."

"So happy you are doing this Manishbhai - The truth must be known."

"Wonderful work! Thanks for all you do to revive the ancient wisdom of India."


"I'm eager to see this, learned already from the preview."

"This is the original and ancient point of view, which has been unknown to the rest of the world. It is time people know the real flavor instead of rock-n-roll mantras and kirtans. What you're doing is great."

"I just wanted to say thank you for making the Mantra documentary. From the first few moments you could feel the calm and power. It’s the first documentary on mantra that I feel I really want to watch!"

"Amazing! Listening to all these talented musicians, seeing their dedication to learning and absorbing is inspirational. Listening to mantras and classical Indian music has always affected me positively for years. I can't wait to see the entire movie!"

"As a westerner, it's so difficult to understand what is the role of a student in vaidika dharma, but this beautiful work explained the finesse of it. Thank you so much. Amazing work!" Gabriel 

"This is a short note of gratitude. Just to humbly express the adoration of your music, emanating from the silent space of your heart and reminding us that we too are That. For such blissful music can only be a manifestation of the love for God. I am deeply touched by your honoring of the Indian culture and music and how this reflects in your mission to keep true and authentic while enabling the Western ears to connect with it." Maya

"Thank you for showcasing the musical and spiritual people of India and their wisdom on the science of Mantra and its role in increasing one's awareness. Honestly, till now, I was clueless about the science of Mantra. This message of yours has kindled my inquisitiveness to know more. I am sure your forthcoming documentary film will be an enriching experience. What is heartening is to see your revered expression of Guru Bhakti to the awakened masters. Also, more important, you continue to remain with an attitude of sincere student and not attempting to get into the shoes of the Guru; thus remaining as an instrument to channelize the right knowledge to thousands of your followers. Also, I salute your resolve and passion towards showcasing Vedas and Upanishads to the world in right perspective and making an effort to preserve its authenticity."

Sikhsm does not use Mantras but Gurbani

the ancient source

Sanatan Dharma, known as Hinduism in the west, is the oldest culture of at least ten thousand years old as per evidence but probably much older. Sanatan Dharma is not a religion but an immense body of knowledge in the form of oral transmission and traditions, scriptures, books, recitations, commentaries, epics. Furthermore, it is essentially a way of life, inspired by enlightened beings who lived across India along thousands of year. The term Dharma does not refer to religion, but to duty. That is how also Yoga was born from this Dharma, and that is how the definition of Yoga is nothing less that "a lifestyle of excellence." Mantra, as well as Yoga, also developed along this path. That is why it is so important to represent it and spread it in its highest purity and true essence.

words from the conceiver and director

"Due to the amazing beauty, depth and potential of the Naad Yoga, the science of sound, my interest is that the truth is shown, displaying all its magnificence as deserved by such tradition. Just like any valuable tradition would deserve to be represented with authenticity, honouring its roots - so I wish it for the sacred sciences and music of India.


What is shown as the western commercialization of Mantra  is not representative in any way of what this world is in reality. If you like it is your choice, but you must know you are in front of a false version which doesn't even reveal the tip of this iceberg.


"Words are are just words, reality is silent" said a wise one. So when you see this movie you will realize by yourself. As a lifetime student from this Indian tradition, it is my responsibility and my deepest love and pride to show what the truth is. This will automatically benefit all those genuinely interested in these sciences and practices, because they will get the true picture, the real taste of it.

"To interact with the diverse learned and insightful referents in music, mantra and ancient Indian sciences, has been a great experience and a fortunate event.

To be learning from each of these sources from India, the land where these subjects have originated, is a total blessing for any person legitimately in love with our culture."

Mantra sadhana or practice requires that you invest your faith in the deity of the mantra, so you may invoke that deity to guide you, nurture you, protect you, help you and be there for you. For this reason, it also needs to have the element of faith in the deity.

Ganesha Mantra and other mantras from India

ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

Om Gaṃ Ganapataye Namah

Since his childhood, Manish Vyas has been exposed to Sanskrit, Mantras, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gītā, spiritual poetries of Kabir, Nanak, Meera... He was playing and singing in Kirtan gatherings since young age at home or at the meditation centre run by his grandfather in Gujarat - a bhakti atmosphere that happens naturally and spontaneously in India, under its beautiful and unique traditions transmitted from generation to generation for thousands of years.

In India, when one learns music, one cannot remain untouched by the spiritual element of it, the sacred text of ancient India, where so many Beings became enlightened and many of them expressed their journey and state through songs, verses and mantras.


With deep love for his culture and music, Manish has been sharing since many years the true world of sacred music from India. He shares with his released material, as well as in his music academy, workshops, seminars and retreats. The rising interest for the authentic tradition led him to conceive this documentary to be able to reach more people around the globe.

In this film, the viewer will encounter the magic and the insight of this bottomless world of sacred music from India; so that lovers of this tradition and practitioners can access the science, the origin and practice of the different traditions, and the sacred world of India and its music.