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prasad: his blessings.

Prasad, is the name of one of my favorite compositions in raga darbari from my album PRASAD - a reflection of genuine indian music expressed through elements of indian melodies, instruments, feel and ragas.

The singing that you will hear, is 'tarana', a singing style from India which does not have any specific meaning, but blends beautifully with the feel and character of Indian music.

tana num num tana num num tana num num tana num num tana num num tana tana num num tana tana num num tana tana num num tana tana num num tana derenaa tadaare taani deem deem tananaa nadir daane deem tadiyana dim tana derenaa deem tana derenaa deem tana derenaa deem tana derenaa deem tana derenaa

PRASAD (sanskrit) literally means a gracious gift. It can be typically an edible food, that is first offered to a deity or saint and then distributed in His or Her name to their followers or others as an auspicious sign, as a blessed offering. The prasad is then considered to have the deity's or Guru's blessing residing within it. The desire to get prasad and have the blessings of a Deity (darshana) are the two major motivations of temple visits, in religious practices in India.

'The ancient Rishis (sages) have attached great importance to receiving the darshan (auspicious blessing) of saints and masters, because they are the source of the constant flow of love and light which emanates from them and makes an irresistible appeal to the inner feeling of the aspirant, even when he receives no verbal instruction from them. Having had the darshan of the supreme Beloved, the aspirant naturally desires nothing except to have more of his darshana, and is thus impelled by his inner spiritual urge to seek the company of the Master as often as possible.' (Meher Baba)

'Prasad' is the food that is offered to God in a typical Hindu ritual worship or Puja. It is our ignorance ('avidya') which we offer to the deity in a Puja. The food symbolically stands for our ignorant consciousness, which we place before god for spiritual enlightenment. After he suffuses it with knowledge and light and breathes a new life into our bodies, it makes us divine. When we share the prasad with others, we share the knowledge we thus gained with fellow beings.

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