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connecting with the true essence of india.

I have just finished a ten day meditation retreat with my spiritual teacher, my spiritual master, Gurudev, with whom i have been since the last twenty seven years, and have been attending all his retreats, as well as assisting in his retreats.

Even though so many years have passed, what is the most amazing thing is that, every time the retreat happens, it has a certain element of spontaneity, it is never mechanical or automatic. Yes, the retreat is very well planned and highly disciplined, but at the same time there is a lot of spontaneity... and a lot of wisdom flowing from this amazing man who has been guiding and helping people since last forty years.

Although his teachings, his guidelines have been extremely simple over the years, at the same time i feel that they have been evolving also, making it more understandable and accessible for a seeker. And in that way, one can feel that it is like a seed has been planted and over the years slowly-slowly one can start understanding what it is to be in meditation, or what it really means “to be.”

Not that we are carrying back more information or more knowledge, or more “happiness” or something... no, nothing like that. In fact, when we are leaving from here it feels that actually we are more empty, we are more light. But at the same time, he fills us with something which is really of simplicity and how to see things “as they are.”

That is why when many times people ask me, where they should go when they go to India, i would suggest them to go to such places, to meet such people. Because India is not something which is “visible,” India is not all these tourist places only. India is something very deep, which can be felt, which can be experienced from the heart... and the depth of this wisdom is so ancient and so amazing.

India is a land where, for thousands of years, people have kept the search of truth as a priority; and when you meet people like Gurudev, you realize how important it is to connect with this essence of India... and this is the real spirit of India, where the truth remains totally intact in its purity, in its simplicity, in its essence... and is being shared with people in the most ordinary way, most spontaneous way.

That is why i would suggest people that whenever they come to India, they should always look for these kind of people who are a living example of light, truth, wisdom, love... and silence.


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