Ānanda means bliss and Nāda, sound. 


A very special album, very different, original, uplifting. Led by the soothing, seductive sounds of Santoor  (a 100-stringed ancient Instrument from the mountain region of India) and enhanced by subtle vocals, sitar, violin, guitar, chorus - delicate eastern sounds composed and arranged by Manish Vyas. Melodies with the soul and heart in India meant to inspire pure emotion and stillness in the hearts of those who listen.


This album brings an unique sound to the world of music from India. It is very suitable to be used in meditation, during a massage or relaxation moment, in the practice of yoga, walking through nature... or to play just before sleep or in the early silent morning... in solitude, in loving company...


The quality of these sounds is they purify and harmonize the outer and inner, in alignment with their natural vibration. Music can open the door to higher awareness - where one feels in harmony experiencing love, joy, peace, balance, health, positive thoughts. Certain sounds have a natural harmony. When they are combined in a specific manner, they have the power to sooth and balance.


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Ānanda Nāda, Blissful Sounds of Santoor


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