A compilation of 3 different Gayatri Mantra versions composed and sung by Manish Vyas.


1. Gayatri Mantra : 7.46 min

2. Gayatri Mantra for Pranayam (Nadi Shodhana) : 7.27 min

3. Gayatri Mantra Chanting 108 times  : 26.08 min


Gayatri mantra is a mantra related to the Sun, the fire energy. Therefore, it has to carry the energy of its essence, it has to be representative of its nature.

That is why in India, Mantrins are trained by a Guru during years altogether to make sure the right practice is done. Mantra is not meant for entertainment, it never was and it will never be. Entertainment is great! but then there are other genres for that available.

The amazing Gayatri Mantra has been chanted daily for thousands of years. In the old days, children were initiated with this mantra, and taught to say it every day for the rest of their lives.


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Release Date: 29. April 2021

This album is also available as digital download and online streaming.


Gayatri Sadhana


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