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MANGALAM is a word in Sanskrit which means 'auspicious'

and this quality is reflected in these selected pieces

of the finest Indian music, invoking inner and outer auspiciousness.  
Beautifully composed Indian raga-based melodies that softly accompany each 
song, without disturbing the magic of its true essence and natural healing power.
Recorded with the most refined musicians from India, this album is a call to the 
most auspicious, using mantras, kirtans, and other devotional songs that subtly call 
such mighty vibrations, connecting with uplifting and sattvic energies. 

Soulful, heart-touching, harmonizing sounds from a mystical India… capable of
touching the soul and bringing positive energy to ourselves and our surroundings.



“Mangalam” auspicious in Sanskrit, is the name given by the Indian musician Manish Vyas to his newest CD. In fact, the mantras, kirtans, and religious songs are a balm for the soul and lead to an absolutely relaxed atmosphere. Together with well-known Indian musicians, the musician, who now lives in Switzerland, has recorded seven songs that echo all that is considered auspicious in India: deities, days to marry, rain, peacocks, drums or rivers.


Based on these traditions these soulful melodies emerged, which are based on the structure of classical Indian music and spread a positive energy. Accordingly, the songs fit very well into a cozy yoga class or as a nice way to slow down after an exhausting day and go back to your own self.  -Karin Reber, Yoga! Das Magazin, Switzerland

Mangalam : auspicious

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