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Music designed for Pranayam (breath) practice based on the yogic science of controlled, rhythmic, conscious breathing for body and mind wellness.

This is a project that developed through Manish's personal practice learnt from his Guru from India, who devised this amazing technique out of his own wisdom and lifetime experience with music and yogic techniques.

Manish has been practicing personally Pranayam for more than 20 years, so this music is a reflection of his own experimenting and rich musical expertise for the application of Yogic techniques like Pranayam and Dhyan, which were all born in India.


1. Bhastrika Pranayam (Energise the Body and Mind) 10:46

2. Kapalbhati Pranayam (Release the Stress and Toxins) 8:44

3. Mahabandh: The Great Lock (Activate the Prana Shakti) 5:00

4. Ujjayi Pranayam (Remove Negative Thinking) 5:44

5. Nadi Shodhana Pranayam (Rejuvenate the Nervous System) 8:31

6. Bhramari Pranayam (Stabilise the Mind) 6:08

7. Udgeet Pranayam (Feel the Grace, Bliss and Contentment) 16:00

8. Shanti Mantra (Merge in Peace) 7:28


"Thank you very much for the wonderful music album exclusively for pranayama. Every music track of yours is a treasure trove for anyone who have started their journey towards finding inner peace. Your music composition gives deepening experience and quietens our mind." - Sanjeev


"On breath depends the capability, thoroughness and efficiency with which one does one's work."


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This is the physical CD which is sent by post. If you prefer to download, please go to our store to the download section and there you can get the mp3 file.



Prana: Music for Pranayam

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