This special compilation of music was specifically created to support the Pranayama practice that Manish Vyas teaches in his retreats and workshops, which he himself learnt and practiced for years in India, and still now.  The technique was taught to him by his master and enlightened being, Gurudev, who had the vision to create a set of practice of pranayam in a very pleasant way, where the practitioner goes through an hour breathing practice without noticing any effort and enjoying the combination of the breathing technique with the music. The music gives the rhythm, the mood, the melody and the feeling of India to the practice, which is so important considering this is an ancient Yogic technique. The practice includes an introductory mantra, seven breathing techniques and a closing mantra, as well as the time of silence for deep relaxation.


The beauty about this music is that it makes the whole practice very playful and soothing, simultaneously deepening the process and effects of this ancient yogic technique of guided, rhythmic and conscious breathing. Breathing exercises have wonderful effects on body and mind wellness, besides bringing deep levels of relaxation and helping us to align our energy each day into harmony and balance, both for body and mind.


In this album, the track number 5. Nadi Shodhana is the GAYATRI MANTRA (recorded for Pranayam Practice). This track is also available in the CD Gayatri Mantra in our store, which contains 3 versions of Gayatri. More information about Gayatri Mantra recordings by Manish Vyas you can find here.

Copyright 2006


Listen to Manish explaining about Prānāyam practice:

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PRÃNÃ - Music for Prãnãyam Practice

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