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With PRASĀD, which means gift or offering, Manis Vyas shares the richness of his native India's musicl heritage. Featuring Bikram Singh's gorgeous Bansuri flute and Manish's expertise on Tabla, Santoor and vocals, these expertly crafted instrumentals and mantras move with focused, steady exhalations and inhalations - a soul stirring prasād for every listener.



I first heard this music in India and enjoyed it so much, I made a note to buy it on my return home. I love its musical blend of classical and modern India. Manish Vyas's voice is rich and clear - hypnotic in the more soothing tracks and lively in the upbeat songs. The bansuri flute is one of my favorites, then add the tabla drums and I feel like I'm right back in India. Some tracks are perfect to play in a slow and mindful yoga flow practice. - Amazon


Also available in MP3 download in our store.

Prasād... his blessings

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