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Secret of Love is inspired by the mystery and the varied hues of love in its many forms.  It traverses a vibrant spectrum of emotions and feelings – from sentimentally romantic to wistfully nostalgic, from quietly contemplative to joyful and dancing – with each unfolding in its fullest expression and manifested from the same source: Love.


"Seven wonderful tracks - breathtaking and powerful from the first to the last tone, celebrating ‘love’ in all of its forms. Qawwali (a Sufi singing style from Punjab) and Ghazal poetry, are influences that are found in this album, as well as elements from the Indian folk music. Also, the diversity of the instruments used is extensive: santoor, sarangi, dholak, tabla and bansuri-flute, but also violin, keyboards and bass can be heard along the songs. A profoundly mystic album, that compared to some of his previous works, such us Healing Ragas or Atma Bhakti, once again opens a new dimension to the musical mastery and spiritual spectrum offered by Manish Vyas."  YOGA AKTUELL GERMANY Magazine


"Amazingly beautiful!!! Beautifully devotional. I have seen him in person a few years ago and was so very happy to get his latest release." from Amazon


"Great Album, wonderful compositions, rich in all senses! A mix of celebration, romance, joy. Uplifting music to listen in any occassion, and great for easy dancing, yoga and romantic moments." from Amazon


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Also available on physical CD format 


Secret of Love

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