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who am i? what am i? what is the outline of my beingness? spread in all directions, what is this manifested world? from the so called birth till the so called death, what is all this happening? how is it happening? how do i know that i am? indeed, is there really anything like me? what is the reality of this me, which remains occupied in the worldly and other-worldly riddle till death... and ultimately rests in 6x3? apart from these questions, who meditates? and on what? how and why do thoughts, feelings, desires, lust, wishes etc. arise and make one a slave of them? why the tendencies like fear, greed, sex, anger, attachment, jealousy and envy, do not stop chasing the seeker in spite of all his efforts? in search of answers to such questions, these talks bring one to the peak of the conclusion, where remains only one's beingness, pure existence; where all the otherness disappears and the duality comes to an end... and remains only and only subjectivity. as this subjectivity becomes obvious and intense by becoming one with that, the seeker spontaneously becomes ecstatic and starts swaying, dancing and singing : where my ecstasy has brought me, where there is nothing, other than me. ​ ​


"the author has a way of explaining spirituality in a practical way... it makes the reader realize wrong beliefs and concepts deep rooted in the mind, and see things in their true way, see the reality. excellent!" - amazon review


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Link to Playlist in YouTube with His live talks here


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