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World Indian Fusion, Yoga Chillout & Dance


The river Ganges plays an integral role in India’s everyday culture and spirituality. This watery ribbon feeds the land and cleanses the souls of millions on its winding journey from the Himalayas to the sea. Inspired by the legendary river’s mythic power, world travelers and long-time collaborators Prem Joshua and Manish Vyas, east-west alchemists of the highest order, invite you to take a trip down your “inner Ganges.”


With the seductive Eastern sounds, Water Down The Ganges flows languidly from lush meditative ambience into rhythmic celebration of the great river of life. Manish from India and Joshua from Germany present this masterfully crafted compositions, a perfect balance between East (represented by Manish) and West (represented by Joshua). Just as one never stands in the same river twice, Water Down The Ganges offers a refreshingly new experience with each listen.


"Dedicated to the River Ganges in India, this water elegy is an upbeat blend of harmonious ambience and rhythmic energy. The musicians draw on the traditions of Indian tabla drums and Western fusion instruments. You feel like meditating or dancing to this music." 




Stretch The Mind Into Silence

Vyas and Joshua have played together since 1987 and have collaborated on ten recordings, but this is the first album that they have conceived and composed together. Though they are accustomed to working in large ensembles, on this record, available from the White Swan label, they play every instrument themselves. This is notable because nine different instruments, including sitar, tabla, santoor, a traditional Indian instrument with 86 strings, and soprano saxophone are included to create a big sound that is alternately energetic and meditative, ancient and contemporary. The Indian classical music style is pervasive on the record, and the tracks seem to bleed from one song to the next. Tempo and instrumentation vary from track to track, but the entirety sounds like one extended piece. Joshua plays soprano saxophone with the mystery of a snake charmer on Sawari, above Vyas’ rapid fire percussion. On Trust, Joshua plays sitar and traverses the Eastern scale, while Vyas’ tabla fills the space between the notes. Moon Song is the most meditative piece, with Vyas on harmonium and Joshua on flute. Throughout, the duo creates a sound that is passionate and soulful, and its complexity stretches the mind into silence.  LA Yoga Magazine


"This CD is wonderful...makes you feel like you're floating down the Ganges...complete with a few water sounds."


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Water Down the Ganges

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