YOU ARE THAT, is an interaction of meaningful dialogues between the master (Whosoever) and the participants of a forty-day meditation intensive, which happened ten years ago at osho mystery school, srirangapatna, India, under the guidance of the master.


"...of course, life can be lived, but if it is lived with the idea of doership, then one constantly invites suffering. but when it is lived with reverence, with gratitude, with acceptance, then it is smooth-sailing, comfortable and easy... then it is a blessing, then it is a joyous celebration." 


"if you are really keen to discover the truth of your reality, then you must first see what is false."


"my question to you is . . . how do you know that you are?"


"you are lucky that i am giving you the biggest clue. . ."



"his dialogues on body, mind, consciousness and samadhi are matchless. his expounding clarity on non-duality is self-effulgent. his dialogues are like a feast, a feast of music, dance and devotion, silence prayer and meditation, love laughter and celebration . . ."


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YOU ARE THAT - a lion's roar


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