Demo music for projects such as apps, videos, playlists, and other projects, customized to clients' needs and vision

Other music suitable for the same purpose can be also found in the following albums,

which music rights are with Manish Vyas:

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Sattva, the essence of Being by Manish Vyas
Sahaj Atma, music that illuminate the soul by Manish Vyas
Bairagi, mantras for the Divine

Alternatively, Manish Vyas, as music producer, also works on customized projects, composing, recording and arranging music pieces for the need of the client's development. In this case, we work close to our client, to understand the concept, vision and music requirements, to make sure the perfect outcome is achieved at the conclusion of the work.


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Manish Vyas Music 1991 - 2020* * *  Use of the Music of Manish Vyas :

As original copyright-music, it is compulsory to ask permission and follow an approval procedure to use the music (song, compositions and own-lyrics) of Manish Vyas. It is illegal to use, or re-record his work in any publishing way, without getting approval. Expect getting permission to take anywhere from two weeks to a month. Permission should be obtained before you complete your work. It is sometimes more difficult and more expensive to obtain permission after a film, or recording is complete. If the copyright owner becomes aware that you have a vested interest in obtaining permission (for example, your work is already in production), the price may rise. Also, if you can’t obtain permission, you’ll have to redo the work, which is expensive and time-consuming. The best policy is to start seeking all required permissions as soon as possible. Please follow this link for more information or contact us.