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Secret of Love

Mystical songs of love

7 tracks, 60 min.

Published worldwide by Manish Vyas ©  and  ℗  2016

Love Songs from India by Manish Vyas


1. Secret of Love

2. The Way of the Heart knows no Defeat

3. Ali

4. Saaki

5. Sadaa e Ishq

6. Shiva Shakti

7. Guzaarish, the request

Secret of Love is inspired by the mystery and the varied hues of love in its many forms.  It traverses a vibrant spectrum of emotions and feelings --- from sentimentally romantic to wistfully nostalgic, from quietly contemplative to joyful and dancing – with each unfolding in its fullest expression and manifested from the same source: love.


Manish's voice is framed by such instruments like santoor, sarangi, dholak, tabla, bansuri flute as well as by violin, keyboard, bass, drums, piano... and some more.  Spirited choral background vocals by four talented singers contribute to the richly lush soundscape. Contains elements of popular Indian folk music, Sufi qawwali influences and ghazal, evoking an exotic sense of romance in a magical setting in India.  The new album was recorded in Pune, Rajkot and Mumbai in India.

customer reviews


'With Manish it happens like when one buys quality stuff. My mom always said,'better to buy one and good that many and mediocre. There is a lot of stuff out there.. trying to represent India. Manish is one of the best in it.. so why go for fake, when one can listen to the real stuff!? Beautiful CD, you won't get tired to re-play it.' Mathew Moren


'The CD sounds absolutely amazing. Confirming Manish is one of the most earnest musicians in any style of Indian music, a true genius as composer and in delivering music. Highly recommended.' Mona

Beautifully devotional.
I have seen him in person a few years ago and was so very happy to get his latest release. Amazon

Great Album, wonderful compositions, rich in all senses! A mix of celebration, romance, joy. Uplifting music to listen in any occassion, and great for easy dancing, yoga and romantic moments. Amazon

Great Album. Amazon

editorial reviews



'Seven wonderful tracks - breathtaking and powerful from the first to the last tone, celebrating ‘love’ in all of its forms. Qawwali (a Sufi singing style from Punjab) and Ghazal poetry, are influences that are found in this album, as well as elements from the Indian folk music. Also, the diversity of the instruments used is extensive: santoor, sarangi, dholak, tabla and bansuri-flute, but also violin, keyboards and bass can be heard along the songs. A profoundly mystic album, that compared to some of his previous works, such us Healing Ragas or Atma Bhakti, once again opens a new dimension to the musical mastery and spiritual spectrum offered by Manish Vyas.'  (read more)

YOGA AKTUELL GERMANY / June 2017 Magazine edition

'SECRET OF LOVE - Dynamic rhythms, sensuous vocals and in-depth experience from inside India.'
Lloyd Barde, COMMON GROUND MAGAZINE, Callifornia, USA
(read more...)

When your love is not just a desire for the other, when your love is not only a need, when your love is a sharing, when your love is not that of a beggar but an emperor, when your love is not asking for something in return but is ready only to give – to give for the sheer joy of giving – then add meditation to it and the pure fragrance is released. That is compassion; compassion is the highest phenomenon. – OSHO


Of course man is useful to man, because his body is a marvellous machine and his mind an organ of wonderful efficiency. But he is a spirit as well, and this spirit is truly known only by love. – TAGORE


dedicated to my beloved wife Sā

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