Chants for Shiva

Manish Vyas
11. December 2021


ADI YOGI : chants for Shiva by Manish Vyas

Shiva is the energy of courage, truth, strength, invincivility, integrity, awareness, clarity of thought and fearless action. Shiva is consciousness, all that Is, God. In India, such powerful energies can be also expressed through music, and that is one of the magics of Indian music inspired in the richness of ancient sacred texts.

The album is a powerful collection of sacred songs: stotras, mantras and chants for shiva.


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releasing worldwide december 2021

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“Down the centuries, mystics have explored fragments of human consciousness. They have found one doorway here, one doorway there. But nobody has explored every possible doorway to human consciousness. No one did it before Adiyogi and no one has needed to do it since. His work remains alive for those who have the eyes to see it.” (Sadhguru)