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"the sayings of the buddhas, of the wise ones, do not become solutions to our life-problems  - until they are our own experiences, whatever they have said, they are just pointers."

. . . . .

"this is a simple principle: whatever you are, is your contribution to this world, therefore whatever you want to give to this world, just be that, just remain that. if you are filled with peace, with bliss, with love, then certainly the waves of peace, bliss and love will flow from within you."

. . . . .

"destination is achieved through one's own experience. what i have told are just pointers, just indicators..."

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"remember this as well: meditation is not an activity which can be done; meditation is just a state of being, of remaining as one is, where all gross and subtle, outer and inner activities become nil."

. . . . .

"the forgetfulness of the consciousness is the very cause of all the conflicts, all the troubles, all the insecurities; and the re-remembrance of the consciousness is returning to the ocean of happiness; is regaining the peace, tranquility, bliss; is being secured again."

. . . . . 

"under the spell of ignorance, whatever is done, ultimately proves to be painful."

. . . . . 

"the consciousness is the only wealth, with which everyone is born; which is equally available to every living being."

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"the body is not the true self, as we believe. the body is perishable, the body gets detroyed - not that, which is the witness of the body..."

. . . . . 

"...when happiness is there, then one should live it totally; and when misery is there, one should not run away from it."

. . . . . 

"those who know, they say that misery is false, as well as pleasure. and then what remains? what remains, only that is real. what remains is the very subject of search of the aspirants, of the seekers of truth."

long ago, i lost all my identities as a person - as someone, as somebody. as one day, i appeared in this world without a name, so one day, i would like to disappear without a name.


a mystic is not a person

but a presence

HARISH CHANDER, a government photographer met his spiritual master osho in 1969. in 1970, ehen osho started giving sannyas, he was in the first batch of six sannyasins and was given a new identity as SWAMI CHAITANYA BHARTI.

from 1974, he started conducting meditation camps as instructed  by his master osho. in january 1990, his master osho left the body; and in september 1990, after 21 years of constantly being in the presence and close proximity of osho, whosoever was stunned into silence by an unexpected event.

for months afterwards, his appetite almost disappeared and sleep diminished to a few hours a week. when he did sleep, the inner space was racked by a series of explosions.

when he does - reluctantly - talk about this experience, he says: it felt as if a huge building complex had been exploded with dynamite. he explains...

i used to weep for hours and hours...

bathing in grace and divinity; tears of gratitude flowed day after day. it felt, as if a vast frozen inner world was melting and dissolving - washing away lifetimes of pain and suffering.

from 2002 onwards, he started conducting 40 days long meditation retreats, which became a mecca for many sincere seekers from around the world. since then, he has transformed many lives by sharing his love, laughter and meditation.

although many consider him their master, he insists that he is just a friend.

on april first 2010, as usual, while reading out a letter, written to a fellow traveller, he suddenly requested to those present: from today onwards, please address me as WHOSOEVER. since then, he is addressed by all, as beloved WHOSOEVER.

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"WISDOM IS TIMELESS. A book absolutely worth reading for any true seeker...  for someone who is ready to listen the truth. not just seeking for shallow answers or temporary reliefs." Manish (with Gurudev, his Teacher since more than 20 years)

close your eyes and just be


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