Concert 30. October 2020, Winterthur, Schweiz

Manish Vyas & Band

vocals, chorus, Harmonium, Tabla, Sitar, Guitar, Piano


Tickets for the event can be purchased here in advance, no ticket sales at the venue. Payment methods accepted: Credit Card, Paypal

No credit card / Paypal?  You can also buy tickets by bank transfer : CHF 32 or EUR 30 p/ticket.

Send us an email with the payment info. and your name: and will send you the e-ticket per email || Sie können auch per Überweisung bezahlen : schicken Sie uns eine email mit Zahlungs info : und wir schicken Ihnen die e-tickets sofort per email.


Thank you for joining us in this very special occasion


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As original copyright-music, it is compulsory to ask permission and follow an approval procedure to use the music (song, compositions and own-lyrics) of Manish Vyas. It is illegal to use, or re-record his work in any publishing way, without getting approval. Expect getting permission to take anywhere from two weeks to a month. Permission should be obtained before you complete your work. It is sometimes more difficult and more expensive to obtain permission after a film, or recording is complete. If the copyright owner becomes aware that you have a vested interest in obtaining permission (for example, your work is already in production), the price may rise. Also, if you can’t obtain permission, you’ll have to redo the work, which is expensive and time-consuming. The best policy is to start seeking all required permissions as soon as possible. Please follow this link for more information or contact us.