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Tvameva Mata Mantra


Single Track 5'52

Published worldwide by Manish Vyas ©  and  ℗ 2017

Mantra Tvameva Mata for protection


Tvameva Mata Ch Pita Tvameva

A mantra for light, protection, inspiration and connection to the Supreme source of wisdom.

This mantra is usually recited at the conclusion of a prayer session, spiritual practice or meditation, when one surrenders his or her individuality to the Lord for his Grace.

The mantra Twameva is one of the most beloved Hindu mantras; it comes from verses spoken by Queen Gandhari to Krishna. It is widely chanted by those seeking true wisdom within. Found also briefly in the song Vande Gurudev, from the album Sahaj Atma.


This amazing mantra comes from the Pandava Gita, a stotra (long verses) collection of exquisite beautiful verses meant for devotional recitation. It is an anonymously compiled collection of verses from several ancient sacred Hindu texts (Mahabharata, Bhagavata, Vishnu Purana). It is also called 'the song of surrender' as the overarching theme of this sacred hymn is complete surrender to the divine.

Its verses are widely chanted by those seeking to experience the wisdom said to be contained therein.

With great positive thoughts, divine thoughts, pure thoughts, our mind can get purified.


Tvameva Mata Ch Pita Tvameva |
Tvameva Bandhush-Ca Sakha Tvameva |
Tvameva Vidyaa Dravinnam Tvameva |
Tvameva Sarvam Mam Deva Deva ||


O God
You are my mother, my father, my brother, and my friend
You are my knowledge and my only wealth
You are everything to me and the God of all Gods


Duration 5'52

manish vyas

"A mantra deep in emotion, full of love and tenderness, a loving call of tranquility for the inner and outer senses."

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