"Indian music allows the highest form of composition through the use of ragas which express life, character, emotions and feelings, allowing to enter the inner world, which is only felt and seen by our soul."


Santoor is an ancient 100 string instrument from the Himalayan region of India. Through its sound, it has the magic of reflecting the serenity and beauty of the mountains and their silent yet powerful surroundings. Its rhythms follow the clouds, the waterfalls, the wind. Its melodies accompany like silent floating boats with gentleness, embracing all.

This tranquility is able to spread like ripples on the water, refreshing the whole being; connecting with the soul. In India, sound or Naad has immense power and is worshiped as the supreme. The right sound is able to transform, and bring into balance. By remaining in that harmony, one can touch the state of Ānanda (bliss), the place of unity, peace and meditative bliss. The soundless sound.




Ānanda Nāda, Blissful Sounds of Santoor

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