single track

of the project "Salaam-e-Sufi"

release date: 31.12.2022

Published worldwide by Manish Vyas ©  and  ℗ 2020

Bismillah cover square_edited.jpg

Every time one says: “Bismillah” or “Bism Allāh,” one is saying, in the name of Allah. It means that we are remembering God, the Supreme, Allah: “Oh My Lord, I am remembering You!” And then Allah says: “Oh My son, I am remembering you!” 

Bismillah, the first release of the 2023-album project, SALAAM-E-SUFI, by Manish Vyas.



"Any person who has knowledge of both outer and inner life is a Sufi." Hazrat I. Khan

The path of Sufism inspires peace, tolerance, love and pure devotion. It encourages music as a way of deepening one's relationship with the Divine: Sufi music seeks to unite listeners with the higher planes. The pain of separation from the Supreme is at the core of Sufi poems, lyrics and music; and hence the intense longing to dissolve the physical realm and transcend into the spiritual universe, which never dies.


The purpose of Sufi music, is to create the sama or atmosphere to experience divine, one love. Transcendental and ecstatic, the music produces in the listener an intense connection with the supreme, and love for god.  The quality of this god, is that there can be no distinction or separation between one and god, as without god we would be non- existent. The music has the quality of surrounding the listener totally, to a space where he can become aware of the majestic godly presence, or also call it divine consciousness.