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9 tracks, 65 min.

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A collection of mantras from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, which carries the ultimate wisdom as well as the depth of Bhakti - a perfect combination for a contemporary seeker on the path. 

The album was inspired in the depth of sacred music from India, which also reached other cultures and spiritual traditions from ancient civilizations which grew close to Bhārat.
This is the beautiful collection of sacred music that will be found in this new album, which carries the flavor, the spirit and the sweetest fragrance of this ancient, rich tradition:

(approx. total time : 65 min)
"As I always say, i am so lucky as a musician from the magic land of India, to have access to these sacred texts, being a sheer honor for me to compose music for such words of wisdom and inspiration discovered by sages and enlightened beings. Each Raga, melody, rhythm and arrangement was carefully chosen to match and enhance the energy of each mantra, by which a sensitive listener will realize how the connection to the mantra can be eased by the music when thoughtfully done. Mantras are perfect as they are, so any music played on a mantra needs to have a deep perception, understanding and utmost sensitivity to protect and preserve the perfection and purity of these ancient sacred sounds, in Sanskrit called MANTRAS." Manish
मननात त्रयते इति मंत्र:

The album is available in CD format and download (from our store which ships worldwide) and in all online music platforms for download and streaming.

If you believe that our scriptures are mere mythological texts, then mantra will disappoint you. as it requires that you invest your faith in a deity. If you don't believe that the existence of God has a form, then it is better for you to practice pure meditation and not pursue the science of Mantra.

The path of Mantra Yoga is accepting that there is

a higher force I can draw energy from.

Mantras should be used without demand and expectations.

It is a pure process of trust, patience, devotion and surrender,

without expecting anything in return.

A mantrin has total faith that in the vast universe there is a divinity that can assume a form which can impart on him protection. In the same way as existence cannot stop the rain even when you may be fervently praying for it, but it can give you an umbrella so you don't get drenched.

Mystics played such an important part in the development of Indian music! The great Indian mystics such as Narada and Tumbara were singers and Krishna played the flute. Thus, our music in its tradition and practice has always been connected with mysticism and it was the sacredness with which people of ancient times empowered music that kept it on a higher level. That is why it is also so important to keep its authenticity.

thank you !

"Looking forward to hearing the divine melodies. Thank You for your music, it's a blessing" via instagram

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listeners are saying . . . 

I am really feeling the power of your recent work, MANTRA. The first time i heard "Ram Ram Ram" under the rays of the sun surrounded by trees, is an experience that is hard to explain in words. The whole album is incredibly powerful and "Shivswarupoham" is beautiful. So true that Sanskrit expresses the inexpressible so profoundly, and combined with your voice and musical talent, it's a match made in heaven. So grateful to have found your work." -- Hina, UK

I am grateful for your way of teaching mantras. They take me to a space of peace and love. Thanks from the heart. -- Giani, Italy

As always, Manish ji, you have explained and done this with your innate profoundness! -- Sunil, UK

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your newest album Mantra which helps us to unwind, to meditate or just to enjoy our togetherness. The music is very touching and carries a very high vibration. It is great! Thanks for sharing! -- Anna, Germany

The Mantra album is magical ! And under the mantra Om Muni Muni Maha Muni, the body itself begins to move and dance! -- Elena, Russia

Thanks, your music is a gift to humanity. -- Hot Yoga Mallorca

I am so grateful for the release of your Mantra album. It's stunning. Thank you for teaching me your beautiful compositions and for your soulful sound that resonates so deeply with me. -- Ahlka, UK

Just want to let you know that I've received the CD and it's sublime. -- Sarah, Switzerland

Excellent music, congrats. -- Pablo, Argentina

Just heard MANTRA on spotify, amazing ...and what diversity. Thank you for creating almost divine album. Very soothing touches heart. -- Sachin, USA

Wonderful to know that you're featuring Buddhist mantras. -- Kim, USA


Cuánta Paz ! -- Gloria, Colombia


Es muy bella es hermoso poder oír la música infinitas gracias por compartir. Es un privilegio para el alma escucharte  -- Maxima, Mexico

When i listen to your music i can feel the harmony! I will never forget the Satsang at the Hara Festival in Almeria. Listening to you live is so precious. Hope you will come to Germany  -- Irina

I have so much love and devotion for your music, your are my spiritual inspiration and I have gratitude for that. -- Grace, France

Soothing, calming .... deepening the silence Om Om Om -- Tahata Dhyan Retreats

Ich gratuliere Euch herzlich zum frisch erschienen Album MANTRA! Der künstlerische Ausdruck ist wiederum von Tiefe geprägt. Die musikalische und digital-technische Umsetzung so professionell und nichts oberflächlich. DANKE! MANTRA läuft bei mir (fast) tä  -- Christian, Switzerland

Everyday I listen to your music at work & home. So calming, melodious and divine. Brings positivity to the day or moment. -- Meena, London

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