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a different kind of program, based on simple, authentic techniques: working gracefully on different vibrations, from the body to the most subtle - through asana, pranayam, meditation, relaxation and other powerful tools including sound and music; as well as the messages from the masters from India.



"only after 20 years of following my master, he told me, "you are ready to conduct retreats and share what was passed to you." - this is how the tradition is in India - we learn patiently during many years and only when our Teacher says we are ready, we start teaching, and also only what was given to us by the masters... not our own ideas. We are just a humble postman." Manish

- - -


Some of Manish's latest retreats have been offered in the following locations: Landguet Ried, Bern (Switzerland), Casa Santo Stefano, Ticino (Switzerland), Beau Site, Chemin (Switzerland), Centrum voor Yoga en meer, Oosterbeek (Holland), Kientalerhof New Year Retreat, Kiental, (Switzerland), Moulin D'Ozon, Aubenas (France), Die Quelle, Bern (switzerland), Al Haman, Almeria (Spain), Les 3 Ateliers, Lablachère (France), Sivananda Yoga Ashram Bahamas. . .  Some retreats are self-organized and some are done in collaboration with other organizers. Some are residential and some are non-residential retreats.



immerse yourself into a few days surrounded by sacred healing music, learning the mystery of sound, listening to enriching mystical stories from india, learning about the power of breath and doing pranayam with music, waking up with meditation and light yoga, relaxing into uplifting and balancing meditation techniques...

"I just want to express my sincere thanks for the pranayama practice you shared with us all at the recent yoga retreat in France. As suggested I actually made the time to practice this for over 40 days before going to work and have loved my experiences that I have never had before. I have had shifts that are noticeable.  Although I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years, this retreat with your sacred music opened my heart even more. I also salute the sun as you taught us. I am so so grateful that I made it to retreat and the gifts I came away with. Bless you, your music and all your teachers." Uma, London


Manish is from India and he speaks in English. Some retreats offer translation. please inform yourself in advance if you don't understand English.






Manish is a professional musician and composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist from Gujarat, India who has learned and played since childhood Indian music and later focused in particular on sacred and devotional music like mantras, kirtan, and other types of higher music expressions from the ancient indian tradition. Beyond the spiritual value behind this music, his main focus is on the intrinsic power of sound, also known as naad yoga, which, combined with the right music, can be an incredible powerful tool to be used for the wellbeing and balance of the physical and subtle bodies - body, mind, soul.
Manish has gone through a long path as a spiritual seeker as well. He has been with  Osho since he was a child until Osho left the body. Later and still today, he has been closely connected to his master Gurudev, with whom he has coordinated retreats and meditations in India under his wise guidance and inspiration. Manish himself has done many 40 days retreats and prolonged silence periods during all these years, in different places in India while following the work of his master. 
Music is always the strongest presence in his retreats, also used along different active and passive meditation techniques -  he teaches and explains the power behind the sound, the sacred music, the texts and the melodies with beautiful and interesting stories from mystical India. He currently lives in Switzerland. Manish himself is also a hatha yoga asana instructor and he incorporates some of the yogic techniques in the way of naad yoga (yoga of sound) and pranayam (breath) as well as meditations and other deep relaxation practices like yoga nidra. He also presents the true world of Yoga, where yoga is not exercise but a lifestyle of excellence. You can find more about Manish in his biography and you can meet him in a video in youtube where he introduces himself here.


Manish, musician, seeker and yoga-path teacher

Manish means in Sanskrit 'master of the mind' and when i got initiated by Osho he didn't change it, so it is also my sannyas name.

Sã, assistant + āsan

Sã is my Indian name and it means a musical note in the Raga, to which the melody always comes back to. It was given to me by Manish.

naad means sound in sanskrit and shakti, power or energy.
 rhythm is a law of nature and harmony is a manifestation of a right rhythm, just as inharmony is a manifestation of a disorder in rhythm.

if you like music and down-to-earth activities designed to uplift the body and spirit, you will love to join this retreats - it will gift you something new to treasure as a soul-touching experience.
it will open a light.

the music and the approach to music of manish is truly magic and he is known for having the ability to bring people into relaxation, meditation and an uplifting space of silence.

these events usually are organized in very carefully chosen places, where nature and tranquil beautiful surroundings enhance the experience gained from these techniques and contributes to the wonder of these ancient practices.


Our style is the style of authenticity. We only teach what we learnt from a truthful source, practice and believe in. We are relaxed. We don't impose rules, we rather believe and trust each one's consciousness... where what to do, how to do and when to do, comes from the inner wisdom and awareness.

Our purpose is to share treasures that we found useful and that have worked well for us. So we are just a 'messenger' passing wise secrets of techniques from India that are useful for a better life quality, in body and soul.

Our main religion is trust, silence and respect for the other. We believe each of us is in a different situation, had different experiences and come with diverse karmas and backgrounds. For this reason, for us, yogic practices are personal, private and silent - a space in which each person relates to her/his own experience, without any judgement and free of rules and expectations.  It's a place 'to be.'

My master told me to teach, only then i started teaching these ancient techniques with total humbelness and respect to the teachers and enlightened beings who left this amazing heritage. Jai Gurudev!



if you go to india with the right approach, the right understanding and to the right places and people, you will be able to absorb the wisdom : this is the value of this land...
otherwise you will be just a tourist.


The word “kriya” means “internal action”. Sound (or naad) is largely an external action. Largely for most human beings, sound or expression of sound is a karma, not a kriya: it is an external action, not an internal action. 

Right now you are uttering sounds as 'karma', which means 'external manifestation.' The same thing can become an internal manifestation, creating an inner format for your own liberation.

The quality of the music is not just with the musician. It is mainly in the audience – how keenly one can listen. You must understand this – if your listening becomes very keen, then listening is not just in your ears – every cell in your body will reverberate.
If your whole body can listen, what is just entertainment can become kriya-yoga for sure. (Sadhguru)  


"I usually listen to your music for meditation, relax and peace. That level of music can only be created when one is at deeper spirituality level and you are one of them." (mohit)


what some participants have shared along these years:


"The program you put together really touched my heart. I feel relieved and was able to let go of a lot of stress. I feel so open I haven't felt in years. Your music and also the stories you told are just an amazing gift." Tom, Switzerland

"Thank you very much for these unforgettable four days - it was a gift to me in every way." Anna, Italia, 4 day retreat

"His presence is already relaxing... you just have to tune into his calm being and you'll be relaxed just by his voice and tranquil energy." Carol, Bahamas

"With all the commercial selling of India and all the fake mantra singers, you can see that he brings the real thing, in music and in indian spirituality - that's his value." Andrew, UK

"His music and his being are one - he sings what he is." Shivalik, Holland

"What an amazing journey we had this weekend!  Thank you so much - I still feel so blessed and honored." Carina, Switzerland 4 day retreat Ticino

"This was the best retreat I've ever been! I just love to practice and sing with you! The practices of your masters totally work :-)  I feel released now and I feel so much love for everyone in this just wonderful group! We are all on the same journey - I'm happy and thankful that I'm able to feel this so deeply now." Fernanda, Switzerland 4 day retreat Ticino

"I would like to thank you so much for this wonderful retreat. I cannot express how much these four days meant to me. I was so much touched in my heart so i had many tears of thankfulness and happiness. It was also for me a wonderful mental and spiritual preparation." Marina, 4 day retreat Ticino


"The pranayam they teach is absolutely amazing, you are totally renewed after its practice and it's really fun and easier to do at the rhythm of the music - all of a sudden a whole hour of pranayam is over!" Thomas, Germany

"Thank you Sa for all the interesting comments and explanations shared during the yoga classes... it really makes a difference to receive the information about the asana or the tradition and why we do certain things" Jane, St. Gallen CH

"It was such a great and deep weekend with you. I’m so grateful to be with you these days, it was amazing, all we sang, all I heard are in my heart and my memories. My yoga class of tonight are accompanied of Manish’s music." A participant in Ticino retreat 10.2018 

"Those three days were so beautiful, the nature around us ... to explore my inner space, so inspired me to start a daily Pranayama praxis after my yoga sequence to move forward on my Yoga" A participant in Ticino retreat 10.2018

"Thanks so much for this wonderful 3 days - being - meditating - yoga - singing - enjoying life with you! I appreciate so much your quality, understanding, truth, respect and depth... and more which goes beyond words."  A participant in Ticino retreat 10.2018

"Thank you so much... it was such a magic weekend with the two of you! For me, ir felt like drinking pure water from the source - cleaning body, mind and soul! thank you, thank you, thank you."  A participant in Ticino retreat 10.2018

"Thank you very much for the pictures which bring me back to our wonderful retreat and I feel the joy and vibration of the wonderful music we have been given so wonderfully." A participant in the Bern summer retreat

"I am still humming with the work and inspiration that filled my body and soul these last 5 days. As soon as i came home i downloaded the pranayam tracks and put them to good use. It was lovely to do the pranayam practice in my own private space... in my home life. I am filled with gratitude for the care and passion you brought to this retreat and look forward to meeting again inshallah..." A participant in the Bern summer retreat

"A big thank you from the bottom of my heart for these wonderful days. I feel so much gratitude for you both. These days are still vibrating and I am deeply touched by your words, your music and you both as a person! I am really looking forward to see you soon somewhere (and for a longer retreat)"   A participant in the Bern summer retreat

"With all your help (with Yoga) i am sure that i will be able to keep a bit of the great energy i took home from the retreat - a big thank-you for this wonderful, powerful retreat." A participant in the Bern summer retreat

"It is our due to be grateful for meeting you – thank you deeply for those precious moments. They will remain in our heart and will do what is due to be done." Ticino 3-day retreat, Casa Santo Stefano




"MEDITATION means, creating light in the inner space. Yes, it does help to prepare and clear the path of a seeker. But light by itself does nothing, one has to clean the psyche, which is full up to the very brim, filled with junk of wrong ideas, rotten beliefs and disbeliefs, with unnecessarily collected and acquired knowledge.

All meditation techniques, whatsoever they may be - devised by the ancient masters, or devised by the contemporary masters,  or that will be devised by the new masters on the horizon, are only for preparation... the preparation of an apparatus called the body-mind organism - the dwelling place for awareness.

One has to prepare oneself first, for the elevated state of awareness - so practice does not bring achievement, practice is just a preparation."

my master Gurudev from is book "Osho is not a person"

DSC00387 (3)_edited.jpg

there is not such thing as work-life balance. it is all life. the balance has to be within you


As many wise men from India point out, know yourself and don't let the mind take the leadership of your life. The mind is a tool to function in the world, to function in society, but not your master. If you let your life be directed by the mind, your life will be at that level, at the level of the mind and not beyond that plane. In the path of spirituality in India, this is conveyed and understood... and this is also the direction of these retreats, with a certain direction inherited from the wise ones from India. So, a certain clarity and eagerness for truth is needed in this path, when one is earnest. As a zen quote says, "If one knows not to which port one sails, no wind will be favorable."



Manish Vyas was born in Rajkot, India in 1971. He is a musician and spiritual seeker. At an early age, around 10 years old, he met Osho and became his disciple. When Osho left the body, Manish continued the path with a disciple of Osho, Gurudev, now 80 years old. He participated in many retreats, since the age of 18 and then later he became the right hand of Gurudev, being the retreat and music coordinator for many years and helping his master organize 10, 21 and 40 days retreats in different places accross India from 1980s to 2013, also helping in the creation of an ashram in South India, where some of the last retreats and gatherings happened. Since end 2017 he lives in Switzerland, where he is married to his wife Sã. Although it was never his intention, his master gave him His blessings to conduct retreats, where he just passes the messages of his master, of osho, and other wise beings from India. added to this, he uses tools like mantra, meditation and music to enhance the activities of the retreat and make them more accessible to people from all over the world.


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