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A Journey to the Inner Being
Duration about 57'
Published worldwide by Manish Vyas ©  and  ℗ 2003

Rejoicing music for the inner being
"Rejoicing" is an invitation, a call of the heart to take a journey to the inner being – the universe of oneself.
The melodies evoke a voyage through different elements of nature, corresponding to subtle qualities of our inner space. so welcome aboard and bon voyage.
Manish Vyas – multi instrumentalist, shares his unique creativity through these finely crafted pieces with soulful melodies played on Santoor, Flute and Violin supported by Tabla, Pakhavaj, Frame drum and other ethnic percussion instruments combined with a soothing touch of keyboards.
CD photo: Yash Raut, India

Welcoming the Dawn : the beginning of the day – the divine moment of early morning. The sky is being enveloped with amazing colors. Birds are singing in harmony telling us, it’s time to be in a welcoming space. The serene melody created in Jogiya, a morning Raga, is played on Santoor and Bamboo Flute


Flowing with the River : The river has many tales to tell. Remember “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse? There is so much to learn from a river. One of these things is to flow, to let the river of life take its course, to effortlessly float with the current and make the journey of life a joyful ride. This melody has a touch of Himalayan folk music, supported by juicy swaying rhythm on Tabla, Ghunghroos and Duf


Waiting for the Beloved : All of us have known this feeling – the thirst for the beloved. Whether the meeting be with the outer or the inner beloved, there is a certain beauty in the waiting. Santoor, Bansuri and a touch of Violin invoke this feeling in the most romantic Raga Darbari.


Celebration of the Bauls : The Bauls of Bengal are a true symbol of heart and sweetness, representing the dimension of spirituality in a very celebrative form with their music, songs and dance. This folk melody takes us on a journey through the sacred land of Bengal which actually resides in the heart of every devotee. Why don’t you also join the dance?


Melting under the Moon : Take your vision to a desert. The gypsies and their caravan have set up their camp for the night. Some of them have taken out their instruments and spontaneously started playing. Their fellow travelers are just listening, melting under the full moon light. The melody in Raga Kirwani played on Santoor and Rabab is enriched by gypsy sounds of claypot, bells and frame drum.


Melting with the Ocean : Every human being has once in a while the desire to simply merge, to dissolve with the unknown. Those who succeed and manage to dissolve are the Buddhas amongst us. It’s the ultimate moment of Rejoicing when the drop becomes the ocean. A devotional melody in Raga Bhairavi thus concludes our journey with a temple atmosphere portrayed through the use of Pakhavaj and

temple bells.



Excellent easy-flowing music from India


"Excellent music from India, with touches of meditative music that invoke nature to manifest in our daily lives. Very harmonizing, feels great to play it in the background of any activity, also for yoga and spa."

"Manish Vyas is always an exceptional purchase for meditation. The resonating sound of mystical India touches you deeply. He inspires true spiritual feeling in the music, because India is in his being, not only in the music."

"It is the true feeling of India reflected in a subtly fusion. The tracks have a wonderful feeling of happiness, joy, flowing with life - just what India inspires!"


'Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.' Beethoven

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