India Trance

Dance your way to the Divine

Published worldwide by Manish Vyas ©  and  ℗ 2001

India Trance, music for dancing meditation


The feel of India in all its dynamics and celebrations

INDIA TRANCE will forever remain one of the most memorable phenomenon in his musical journey.
This is a recording of a live concert in India, with an audience of more than 3000 people, where the atmosphere was charged with an energy of dance, joy and celebration. With a band of eleven musicians from all around the world, with variety of rich instruments and vocals. It was like a dream team to have some of the best musicians playing all together. The result was fantastic and and till today, this CD is used in many centers around the world for dance meditations or celebrations.
 Thanks to the great performance of the musicians, and a good recording, this album full of energy and dynamics is available for download, containing some of Manish Vyas' most classic songs like Ishq, Meera and Shiva Shakti.

The pause is as important as the note.


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