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Gratitude for your visit. You are welcome to explore this page, which has been developed along many years, with different aspects of culture, sciences and arts from India. All the subjects and material in this Page are done with a deep love for this amazing land, which has and is offering so much to the whole world, which i love and respect with all my being, for all its wisdom, for all its wonder. Everything you will find here, even the music, is all thanks to His Grace.

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some of the clients and partners

Indian Association of Greater Zürich
Lausanne Indian Association
World Yoga Festival, UK
Gran Canaria Yoga Festival, Spain
Spiritfest, South Africa
Choessi Theater, Lichtensteig CH
Spuren Magazin, Switzerland
Krishna Temple Zürich, Switzerland

Raven Spirit, Switzerland

Casa Santo Stefano, Switzerland

Sanapurna, Yoga + Ayurveda, Switzerland
Sivananda Yoga Center Bahamas

Sivananda Centre Buenos Aires

Fundacion Columbia, Buenos Aires

Valle Tierra, Buenos Aires
Hwa Eom Monastery South Korea
Mantra FM Radio Argentina
Gut Saunstorf, Germany

Yoga Sound and See Festival, Germany

Desiyup, Netherlands

Embassy of Netherlands

Landguet Ried, Switzerland
Isha Foundation, India
Osho Commune International, Pune, India
Live Music Concert at wedding of Paul Mc Cartney UK
Jhalak Indian Cultural Festival Zürich
One World Festival, Denmark
Fundación Hastinapura, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Brahmakumari Center, California US

Brighland Resort, Mahabaleshwar, India
Mitray Foundation, Ahmendabad GU India
Hemugadhvi Hall Rajkot GU India
Savani Auditorium Rajkot GU India
Rotary Club Rajkot GU, India
India Havitat Center, New Delhi

Silence Finder AG, Switzerland

Leicester Brahma Samaj, UK

Gran Canaria Yoga Convention, SP

Yoga La Source, Luxemburg

Yoga Association of Luxemburg

Yoga Aktuel Germany

Beau Site, Chemin, Switzerland

the real music is within you - which is waiting that you become
available to that music - and you cannot imagine about that.
| gurudev |


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