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“You are your best guru, your best teacher, the answers are inside you.” Sahaj Atma refers to the natural state of a being, the innocent state... without being contaminated by conditionings and rules imposed by the society through our lives.  This album was inspired in this affirmation, reflected in the nature of the mantras which Manish has chosen for this new collection. It is a meditative 'call' to our true self.  This music travels through a simple but delightful landscape of ancient, powerful mantras. As always, each piece is supported by the finest musicians from India and charming Eastern instruments: sitar, bansuri-flute, violin, tabla, harmonium, tanpura, swarmandal. A compilation of sacred songs, which can be nicely and effectively played during sadhana, meditation, relaxation, yoga... or just easy-listening to create good energy and loving atmosphere.  An invitation to come closer to one’s natural self - into the space of oneness, love and silence. Under the deep inspiration of, YOU ARE YOUR OWN GURU, GUIDE, TEMPLE AND BELOVED.


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Sahaj Atma

SKU: 111-001
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