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This album is a collection of Mantras and songs which have developed  during the last 7 years traveling and performing around the world... and 3 years spent in a Mystery School in India. Featuring Manish's signature vocals, these ancient mantras express the depth of devotion, wisdom and silence... taking the listener to a space of grace and gratitude. Produced by Raj Rishi from Denmark (also producer of Deva Premal's 'Essence', 'Password' and Manish's 'Sattva') , this album is enriched by talented singers and instrumentalists from around the world. It was a 2014 Grammy's first-round ballot nominated album. A true jewel of Indian devotional bhajans mastery. WWW.MANISHVYAS.COM/SHIVOHAM


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This is the digital album: Digital files mp3

You will receive the download link when purchased.


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