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proper understanding is key.

the point is very simple. the point is, you must understand that one is not the doer. without proper understanding, whatever one keeps on practising, has no value; it is a waste... whatever!

without proper understanding, if one goes on doing dynamic, kundalini, 40-day retreats, all kinds of therapies are good for nothing! it has no value of any sort. now there are so many small and big malls everywhere, offering a variety of meditation techniques without emphasizing on proper understanding. one goes on practising mechanically. a device is there, a method is there, a technique is there; and one is happy having it! so they are happy that they have sold it, and you are also happy by having purchased it... but all without having proper understanding! ho jāye! (laughter)

one must understand, but not intellectually. mountainous intellectual knowledge is there in the form of discourses and books. leave aside others, 6,500 discourses or 650 books of osho alone are there. people are listening and reading them since years, but there is not even a bit of change or any sort of transformation visible in those people. this has been my observation that they are the same, or sometimes even worse! loud laughter they keep on listening day and night, they go on quoting – osho has said this, osho has said that! ...but their understanding has not flowered. now they have someone new to quote, like others quote buddha or mohammed, geeta or quran. they quote osho. nothing has changed basically, only they have adopted osho, switched to osho; nothing more, nothing less! they have only changed the party. it is exactly like becoming a christian from a hindu.

okay, osho has said this, osho has said that, but what have you understood? osho has given almost all opposing statements also, but you choose whatever suits you. you have no real understanding. real understanding comes from within oneself, from one’s own experience. isn’t it?

along with meditation, there is a need for proper understanding, otherwise... dil ké béhalāné ko ghālib, khayāl achchā hai! otherwise, whatsoever one is doing, it is to satisfy oneself – one’s own thought, one’s own belief. somebody is after money, somebody is after power, somebody is after prestige, name, fame... so is somebody after meditation. so what is the difference? ho jāye! laughter so the game remains the same!

the moment one wakes up, the game begins. when you wake up in the morning, the game starts. one is unable to sit silently, sitting silently becomes an occupation, an activity. isn’t it?

zen people say: sitting silently, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself. but, then, only grass grows!! laughter one needs some fruit also! loud laughter one is not a donkey who keeps on eating grass! much more laughter.

sitting silently is also an activity. what i am saying is that when one wakes up in the morning, after having a deep sleep, one cannot remain idle, one has to do something or the other, one is compelled to do something or the other – whether one runs after money, or one tries to find a way to become famous, or urges to become a politician, or a priest! one wants to become the president of america, or wants to become a hardcore terrorist like laden, or a mother teresa... or an osho sannyassin! laughter it is all one and the same!

but you believe that you can control. what can you control? if one decides that after waking up, one will not do anything, will remain in bed... but for how long?

the moment one wakes up, activity happens by itself. one needs to go to the bathroom immediately. happenings start happening. isn’t it? but one says, i need to go to the bathroom. though it is a happening, one becomes the doer. you say, i can control my urges. you cannot even control your own shit, how can you control any damn thing? a roar of laughter nothing is in one’s hand, it is a fact; it is the reality. if this is the only reality, then why does one not accept it? if one denies the very fact, whose harm is it? one is harming oneself; one is fighting with oneself... and who is going to win, if one is on both sides? if one is on both sides, one is going to lose. that is why one wants to attend a 40-day meditation retreat! big laughter but here i am interested in showing you the whole game that goes on. it is a simple game.

the moment you wake up, you have no control over anything. and when you go to sleep, you have already surrendered. actually, when you become really tired of controlling yourself for 10 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours, then giving up happens by itself. surrender happens and you go to sleep! isn’t it? many shake their head in agreement it is a total or partial surrender? laughter if it is partial surrender, then you cannot sleep; if it is total surrender, only then you can sleep. if something is hanging, if one is fighting, struggling, if something is unfulfilled... then one cannot sleep.

when i myself go to bed, it hardly takes me a minute or two whosoever clicks his fingers to fall asleep. in two minutes, i drop dead! if energy is lurking somewhere within, it is basically because of the conditioning which we have gathered and unconsciously protected. wrong ideas, wrong concepts, wrong beliefs, wrong demands and desires create a mess. if one understands all this, things automatically will change.

so, proper understanding is the only requirement, which cannot be replaced by any kind of doing. no doing of any sort can help; no guru can help. i repeat – no guru can help! if a guru says that he can help, then he is a cheat, not a guru.

all the awakened ones, all the sages, all the saints, in their own way, in their own language, emphasize the same. like buddha has said: action happens, deeds are done, but there is no doer thereof... not even god. because buddha does not believe in god. but all the saints who believe in god, like ramakrishna paramhans and others... they say: without ‘his’ wish, not even a single leaf moves. ramakrishna often used to say: main yantra hoon, tu yantri... which literally means: i am a tool, you are the mechanic. nanak used to say: jyun jyun térā hukm tewéin teev hovanā; jai jai rakhkhéy aāp tetthéy jā khalovanā... which literally means: all that happens, happens according ‘his’ wish; wherever one goes, goes according to ‘his’ wish.

all the saints of the world, whether they belong to christianity, sufism or hinduism, live in a state of surrender, in a state of let go. they refuse to struggle with existence, with the whole, with that which is. they don’t follow the path of will. all the gyanis, all the sages arrive at the same experience, at the same understanding, that all that is happening, happens the way it is meant to happen; they are of the understanding that what has to happen is bound to happen. so from the very beginning, in the very first place, they stop making a fuss created by ego.

after arrival, the final experience is the same, but expressed differently... that whatever is happening, is happening by itself and no one is doing it. it is all happening according to the law – call it rit, tao, dhamma, or whatever!

the language of ‘doing’ belongs to the stupid, not to the conscious, awakened and realized ones. but unconscious, ignorant ones really enjoy being stupid. it is their ingrained habit, a conditioning.

so if you are of the understanding that you are not the doer, that you don’t do a thing, that whatsoever happens is happening, then the same understanding applies to others also. but you hold others responsible; you see them as a doer. you behave with others as if they are doing. no, others are also not doing a thing; all is happening.

but, an unconscious one justifies all his actions saying that it is a happening, but when it comes to others, he holds them responsible for their actions. like – he will say: why did you do this? loud laughter if something is happening, then it is happening to everyone – to you, as well as to others. then this will be the right understanding. then there will be no complaint; then one does not hold the other responsible.

but if you blame the other for their behaviour, then be certain that you are also a doer; then you are justifying your action as a non-doer and others as doer. that is how an unconscious one deceives oneself. whom are you deceiving? all kinds of deception comes back to oneself.

when this understanding dawns that no one is a doer, then everything changes, then the whole perspective of living is transformed. then this is realisation, a new vision, a new reality.

once this reality sets in you, your whole behaviour will change – you will not complain, you will not condemn others, you will not become angry, you will not become violent. there will be acceptance of whatsoever is. and at the end, you will experience... all is in me, i am in all.


Gurudev (for some), Whosoever (for all) is an enlightened master living in South India, where he has been receiving people from all over the world to stay in residential programs as well as in his 10 - 20 - 40 days retreats, which he has been organizing since at least 40 years, appointed initially by his master, Osho. He is not interested in masses, but in earnest seekers, who come to his beautiful place called Osho Devlok, by the shores of sacred River Kaveri. His approach is simplicity, truth, practical spirituality... not words and philosophies, but the true meaning and application of consciousness.

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