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An album of exquisite beauty and sensitivity, two ragas chosen for their soothing mood, are performed on bamboo flute, santoor and tablas to lull you into a feeling of deep relaxation and serenity, and also to connect us with the healing mother land India. Manish Vyas plays Santoor and Tabla and is accompanied this time by the entrancing flute playing of Milind Date. The result of their combined artistry are two new original compositions that are based on the Indian ragas Basant Mukari and Malkauns. The purpose of this music is to create an atmosphere suitable for meditation, relaxation, the healing arts, restorative Yoga and good sleep.


The music is instrumental.

Length, +1 hour.


1. Awakening - Raga Basant Mukhari : 32' 52''

2. Solitude - Raga Malkauns : 33' 14''


link to CD page and samples:


Amazon Reviews:

"One can never go wrong going for Manish's new works. This CD (in the line of the previous Healing Ragas but yet different) is a pleasure to the senses. Beautiful quality music to add to my playlists and to be played any moment, any time - to accompany an activity, to read, to drive, or just to be silent and let the sounds do their magic. Super recommended."

"I listen to it in loop I am very happy to have discovered this CD. A big thank you and congratulations, I am ready to buy more"

"Although the two tracks are quite long at about thirty-three minutes each, they never seem repetitive or drawn out. There is a constant current of musical elements that come in and out of the mix as the raga evolves. Once immersed in the flow, you almost don’t want it to end as you drift downstream in sonic serenity."


Healing Ragas III

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