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Om Hum Ma Ma Hum Ni Swaha (108 times, chanting)

For Mantra Meditation Listening, or Chanting along.


Track duration 15'17''


A powerful protective mantra for Goddess Sitātapatrā (Sanskrit सितातपत्र )or Dukkar in Tibet, suitable for everyone. The feminine power and protective energy (Shakti) born in the Sanatan Dharma (Hindu Dharma) and later went also into the tradition of Mahayana Buddhism. Sitātapatrā is an ultimate protective Bodhisattva Goddess, who dispels evil spirits - she is the undefeatable One.

Sitātapatrā is the 'Goddess of the White Parasol or umbrella.' Her mantra is said to repel negative interferences and purify negative defilements.


Sitātapatrā protects from all harm, including supernatural threats, illness, dispelling interferences, spirit possession, quelling disasters. This practice is very good if one encounters harmful spirits and black magic. She bestows upon us great blessings and protection, bringing auspiciousness.

Sitātapatrā is also very helpful for spirit disturbances, certain types of harms, wrongful court cases and general well being. A powerful practice everyone should do from time to time to restore harmony, protection and safety from supernatural interferences, and release fear.

In Sanskrit her name means Sita, “white” and ātapatrā, or "umbrella." Her name literally means White Parasol Bodhisattva (white umbrella deity.) An umbrella which is a symbol of the Buddha’s universal mantle of protective power. Dukkar or Sitātapatrā is regarded as a female counterpart to Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion.

According to ancient traditions, Dukkar’s special activity is pacifying black spells which can cause harm to beings. It is very effective for purifying the karma of being wrongly accused in arguments or legal cases. All these threats are dispelled by her power, which is like a diamond sword. Dukkar protects practitioners and helps them avoid obstacles.


It is very good to print out a picture of Dukkar and have it consecrated (blessed) to hang in the house, office or area of disturbance.

Dukkar or Sitātapatrā is a fully enlightened Buddha.

Sitātapatrā is the ultimate protective form of Mother Tara. The most commonly depicted form of Dukkar has 1,000 heads, 1,000 arms, 1,000 legs and thousands of eyes that oversee sentient beings. With her two central hands, she holds a Dharma wheel and a white parasol from which she takes the name. In her other hands she holds a multitude of various weapons. Her skin is radiant and her body is adorned with the various accoutrements of a bodhisattva.

The Buddha announced her the role to “cut malignant demons, to cut spells of others, to turn aside enemies, dangers and hatred.“ Her benign and beautiful form belies her ferocity, as she is a “fierce, terrifying goddess, garlanded by flames, a destroyer of enemies and demons.“


Her sutra and mantra emanate from the Buddha’s unisha (top most part of Buddha’s head.)

About the Goddess and Mantra related to Astrology / Feng Shui

Starting  2024 there are significant shifts in the world's energies due to the astrological period change from 8 to 9 (each period lasts 20 years) which began on 4 February 2024 with the year of the dragon.

In Feng Shui, the "Five Yellow" astrological position is one of the most feared afflictions, which may cause all kinds of obstacles to manifest, disrupting plans and bringing misfortune, heartache and loss. Each year the Five-yellow moves to a different location (you check the astrological positions.) According to Feng Shui experts, this year it is believed that "the White Umbrella Goddess" will bring peace and protection against harms of the five yellow. The Goddess manifests her power with her thousand heads, arms and legs; it is believed that just 'viewing' her mantra protects against illness, disasters and spiritual harm, as well as bringing great auspiciousness. A time when the world’s energies go through such big change, there is nothing like invoking the blessings of the White Umbrella Goddess.

It is suggested to place a painting or statue of the goddess Sitātapatrā in the home, displaying the mantra, and play this mantra regularly while burning an incense and invoking her protection with faith and devotion.

Chant her mantra  – “Hum Mama Hum Ni Swaha” or play this recorded Mantra (108 times) on a daily basis.


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Om Hum Mama Hum Ni Swaha - 108 times

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