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A traditional prayer for Sai Baba of Shirdi, a beautiful Saint from India. "Sai Dayalam" is a peaceful prayer for the compassionate and loving Saint, Sai Baba of Shirdi, which can be used for meditation, prayer, relaxation, and any other peaceful moments.

Shirdi Sai Baba is not only worshipped in India, there are more than two thousand temples all over the world that are dedicated to Him. The most popular, Shirdi Sai Mandir, is one of the holiest pilgrimages in India; more than 65,000 of his devotees visit Shirdi every day.

Sai Baba promised that his blessings will always be with his followers, and true to his words, it is believed that those who pray with devotion to Him are never to see misfortunes in life. Sai always showers his blessings and kindness to his devotees.



Sai Dayālam
Sai Kripālam
Sai Anant
Triguna Swarupam
Namo Sai-nātham
Namo Sai-nātham
Namo Sai-nātham
Namo Sai-nātham



Track duration 4'45


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Sai Dayalam

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