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On this soulful collection of a master album offering mantra music from ancient wise India, multi-instrumentalist Manish Vyas displays a splendid musical sensibility, allowing the listener to absorb the true essence of sacred Indian music, from beginning to end. Voice and rich compositions based on ancient mantras and tarana, reflect a natural intuition for crafting dynamic soundscapes from traditional devotional prayers from India. Sattva invokes the silent, serene space that awaits beyond our mind. 

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'This CD provides an enticing balance of chant, world music, and soothing trance sounds.  Subtly hypnotic, the flowing rhythms of this music are perfectly placed to draw the listener in further with each ensuing track.'


This is the digital album: Digital files mp3

You will receive the download link when purchased.

Sattva: The Essence of Being

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