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"A glimpse of the true Yogic path from India"

Manish Vyas
(assisted by Sā)


This retreat is conducted in English

Questions: namaste@manishvyas.com

Dates & Times
Begins: Friday 5/11/21  16,00 (room check-in 14,00)
Until: Sunday 7/11/21 13,15

Casa Santo Stefano, Miglieglia, Ticino, Switzerland


Tuition CHF 280 : payable 1 month before the retreat 

(Participants will receive an invoice)

Accommodation: 2 nights with 2 breakfasts and 2 veg. dinners :

CHF 220 double-room / CHF 240 single-room (Casa Santo Stefano)

Participants of this retreat must stay in Casa Santo Stefano.


Please reserve with Casa Santo Stefano for the retreat with Manish Vyas

info@casa-santo-stefano.ch (Angeli / Christian)

+41 91 609 19 35


The program is very active and it includes about 12 sessions diverse activities

and yogic techniques, pranayam, meditations, mantra sessions as well as theory sessions

 sharing the true meaning of Yoga and yogic tradition from India,

spirituality, naad-yoga (yoga of sound), spirituality and meditation.

The AGENDA is sent to the participants briefly before the event.

Activities start around 7,30am and finish around 20,00 - 21,00 with

various breaks in between and the meals.

Yoga mats, pillows, blankets are available in the room.

Tea and Coffee available always.  Complimentary afternoon homemade cakes!

The place is easily accessible by car and public transportation (Final stop : Miglieglia Funivia)

Insurance: each visitor is responsible for herself or himself, therefore it is the participant's responsibility to have an insurance which covers illness, accidents or other eventualities. As we work with small groups which get full, we can't provide insurance for sickness cancellation and other personal issues.

We work with small groups,

so we normally get booked quite fast -

first come, first served reservation policy.

Maximum number of participants if no government restrictions are in place : 18


We look forward to welcome you !

This short retreat is an invitation to a genuine seeker of truth who is ready to take the steps towards discovering the real source of bliss. For this, the first step is to recognise the false as false. When the clouds of unreal scatters away, the light of the truth is clearly visible.

With almost 30 years of training with his spiritual masters Osho and Gurudev, through offerings of some powerful beneficial techniques and devices, supported by the profound wisdom, real life stories and anecdotes from his masters, Manish unveils many layers of our conditionings, beliefs and concepts. Manish co-assisted his Master in conducting 10, 20 and 40 days meditation retreats during about 20 years in India. Manish is living in Switzerland since 2017.

Beyond everything, this retreat is christened with his wonderful sacred music, mantras, kirtans and envisioned soundscapes, for the sole purpose of supporting a meditator’s journey, where the participants can take a dip into the ocean of devotion, celebration and silence through the right application of music and other techniques.


It is an invitation to get the taste of the real India and its ancient devises for self elevation and inner growth.

If you are new to the work of Manish Vyas, in order to understand the focus behind the true sciences from India, we suggest you can see the different trailers of the documentary film being directed by Manish. It can be seen in different small videos which links you can find here, in the movie link and also you will find a lot of material and a personal presentation in the youtube channel.

In the East we call him "a man of knowledge"… the one who knows himself. He may not know where the United States of America is…or even that a country called Italy exists. Perhaps he does not even know that Delhi is the capital of India, but he knows who he is.


In India, most of the saints are illiterate, they do not know much about other things, but they know for sure who they are… and we worship these kinds of people. (my teacher, Gurudev)

"Dear Manish and Sā : I want to thank you from my heart for this wonderful retreat, it was really full of wonders. I appreciated your presence, the meditation, the stories about India's great seekers and mantra musicians, the pranayam exercises and the beautiful mantra singing. Once returned home I suddenly felt that something important had happened during this retreat. I wish you both the best from my heart and sincerely hope to participate in another retreat in the future. "

(from a participant from a previous Ticino retreat)