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no drugs in higher consciousness.

'Marijuana and other psychedelic drugs or other things... the very reason people are going for it is they want their life experience to be a little more than what it is: all drugs are fundamentally experience hunting. Slowly, over a period of time, marijuana will make you more and more incapable of handling life situations, it will dull the system. It will give you just that buzz where you think you are meditative. It's just giving you a feel like that because marijuana as a chemical works to create a certain amount of a distance between you and your body, which is close to meditation in terms of experience... but what meditation can do in terms of the impact that is has on the system, marijuana can't do. Marijuana slowly makes you incapable of handling many things. So it looks like people who are on marijuana are very peaceful and nice people, but after some time, when it goes on for a certain period of time, slowly they are the same people who can get agitated and irritated with every little thing because it takes away the mental capability. This makes them very irritated and agitated over a period of time when they are not able to handle anything properly. When life demands something out of them, they will be totally incapable, because marijuana brings this incapability: mental incapability. Which is not necessary. We have enough incapabilities, isn't it?' (Sadhguru)

Drugs are essentially poisons. The amount taken determines the effect. A small amount acts as a stimulant and greater amount acts as a sedative. An even larger amount poisons and can kill.

Nobody has died for not consuming drugs but al lot of people die due to drugs. So the simple and fastest answer is to stay of of them - because even if sometimes people don’t die physically, they may become incapable of functioning rightly, they ‘die inside’ and their brain slowly becomes more and more disconnected from the reality, the inner voice and the higher self. So drugs, of any kind, are not something to take lightly, therefore I have always been an absolute defender of a clean soul… a clean mind… and a clean body, without drugs or substances which hinder its natural functioning, its essence - as created by God - this perfect-functioning ‘machine’. The nature of nourishment this body needs is that of love and care (for the body and soul) and not that of toxic, harming substances, to say it in a simple way.

Having lived for a while in Argentina, back then when my wife and I were still dating, I kept contact with different sources of information and lately came across a meaningful and touching letter written recently by a young boy that used to smoke marijuana during many years and since young… he wrote and published a sincere letter in Spanish, titled ‘Marijuana is harmless' (and I believed it) definitely interesting to share due to its sincerity, simplicity and straight-forwardness without mind-cheating and justifications typical of the ego.

Of course, this young man is one case in millions and what he wrote may be nothing new to anybody… but this letter particularly touched me because of the emphasis in how it has entered in the society the belief by some that this drug now is almost harmless, when that is not at all the case and will never be the case. Specially considering lots of kids fall into this trap at a young age… and by consuming so many years, their nervous system and overall functioning gets affected and damaged. There is sometimes this feeling ‘that one should be modern’ - but let's be honest, what is detrimental for the body-mind health can never be modern, fashionable or supported, no matter how open-minded and modern one would pretend to be. So staying clear in the head and not be cheated by our own minds or by others’ opinions is step number one.

It is one more trick of the mind to turn into something ‘light’ an habit that is long proved to be damaging the brain and the health in different ways. Consuming marijuana is harming to anybody and brings a range of negative consequences - and this it true today, last year, 50 years ago and also in the past and in the next lifetime. There is no way to turn this drug into light and cool, and tons of studies have been done about its regrettable consequences, which I don’t need to explain in detail, since all those researches can be easily found online right now.

Funny enough, I came to realize the only ones defending marijuana are consumers (who can't see fully their reality) and sellers. The ones who have decided to get into this habit may have fallen into it for a number of different reasons: to experiment, to rebel due to unhappiness, in search for excitement, to escape, for not being able to relax, to fit-in or for ‘belonging’ (to the wrong kind of environment of course), or simply thinking it's cool, as well as due to weak personality, being easily influenced or insecure. Mostly, not liking their current reality, trying to escape, forgetting problems, evading reality, lack of self love and not being able to distinguish other higher choices.

The fact is that it is not an innocent habit… and it is proven to damage the brain and its psychosomatik response gradually. There is a big menu of drugs out there, which most probably I don’t even know about, but maybe marijuana is the most available and the most accepted in the society, smoked in the streets and in gatherings almost freely - trying to give an impression that all of a sudden, ‘marijuana is ok’, accepting its consumption as ‘normal’, almost like a new allowed trend. Anybody who would say 'marijuana is in' is 'out'. This is the main problem - trying to avoid the reality of a problem.

Actually, if one walks through any city, one come across its disgusting smell more or less frequently - maybe every 200 meters, through the busy streets of Buenos Aires for example. Ironically, it is a fact that most of people smoking hashish end up living a much more miserable life they had before they had consumed, a life of wanting to stay in a status-quo of suppressing reality every time, creating a fictitious view of things. But the trap is that they got caught in the net of addiction and can't get our so easily.

Somehow this boy who wrote that letter which I will transcribe underneath, was able to finally see the dream he had been living the previous years and recognize that he wanted to heal from that self-chosen, self-destroying habit and ‘get back a life’, get back the control of what is going on.

What I feel is pity… deep pain. As a parent (or step parent) it is something one would never wish for one's own children. It is like 'the monster' of the future when they grow. How to teach them that the monster is everywhere, but that is is harmless if one doesn't relate to the monster or make friends with it. Painfully, young boys and girls may fall into the risk of a lifetime addiction, unfortunately most of the times in a very foolish way, like ‘just try, it will make you have fun and laugh, etc.’ And then they don't realize they are becoming slaves of the monster and can’t get out. It is extremely important to pass the message: there is REALLY no need to choose drugs, it is absolutely not needed and it will only make things worse. They must be aware that it may be a way of no return, or of a very difficult return-path. The memory of the body is ever lasting.

It’s not an innocent habit

With all the pro-medical marijuana publicity and the clamoring for decriminalization of this drug, it can be hard to remember that marijuana is indeed damaging and addictive and causes harmful effects which maybe are not headline news, but they are serious and harmful. Components of the marijuana plant may have medicinal properties - but that is not the same as 'medicine' - Medicine is produced when a laboratory extracts the medicinal compound, standardizes it and doses it - and it’s used specifically for medical purposes - just as anesthesia is used only in an operation or procedure submitted and controlled by a professional doctor, and is not applied by us in our regular life.

Effects of cannabis include, among others: panic, hallucination, paranoia, distortions of time and space perceptions, impaired coordination, greater incidence of psychosis and schizophrenia, loss of memory, increased heart beat, disorientation, loss of sense of personal identity, slow reaction, lack of physical coordination often followed by depression or sleepiness, panic attacks or anxiety, sexual problems, decline in IQ, inability to perform complex tasks, damage to social life/work/career, harm to our cognitive ability, lower life satisfaction.

But the problem does not end there, according to scientific studies, the active ingredient in cannabis, THC, remains in the body for months. Marijuana smoke contains 50% to 70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco smoke. One major research study reported that a single cannabis joint could cause as much damage to the lungs as up to five regular cigarettes smoked one after another. Long-time joint smokers often suffer from bronchitis, an inflammation of the respiratory tract. The drug can affect more than the physical health: studies linked years of heavy marijuana use to brain abnormalities and changes in the brain similar to those caused by long-term abuse of other major drugs. And a number of studies have shown a connection between continued marijuana use and psychosis (not being able to tell imagination from reality). Smoking pot can increase your heart rate by as much as two times for up to 3 hours and that’s why some people have a heart attack right after they use marijuana. Over the last 10 years many children of marijuana users have been born with reduced initiative and lessened abilities to concentrate and pursue life goals. Studies also suggest that prenatal use of the drug may result in birth defects, mental abnormalities and increased risk of leukemia in children.

Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs on the market today, and it may have the impression of being an almost harmless, fun substance; but it is still a drug that changes the perception of reality, sometimes with significant consequences. The long-term effects on the brain and body make marijuana a dangerous drug (like all drugs) leading to negative outcomes that don’t show until years later. Long-time consumers also develop antisocial behaviours, like stealing money or lying, trouble in their relationships including being abusive and violent toward their partners or becoming totally uninterested in their partner, because marijuana has stolen the partner’s place and life slowly.

So, just by reading this very brief summary, I think we at least can all agree at this point that marijuana doesn’t bring any light. It is certainly not something we wish for our children and young generations.

If you want the trurh, i'll tell you the truth.

Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you. - Kabir

You must ask yourself, how, as an Indian musician focused also on music as inner therapy and on a path of spiritual growth, I am featuring these lines. Not only have I always been totally against drugs - not because of any preconception, but they go against the nature of this perfectly-created body and not only they damage the body but THEY ARE NOT NEEDED. The fact is that I was shocked many times even in the spiritual music scene, where I have been for the last 30 years. I have been and I am, deeply involved in music … in the genre of music for healing, music for meditation, elevation, higher consciousness, music for wellbeing, for the higher self, for therapy, balance and inner harmony, yogic lifestyle.

In devotional or spiritual music, we can include music such as Indian classical, mantra, Kirtan, Sufi, meditation music, and any other style of sacred music, which purpose as I said before, is to be able to help the listener to feel better physically and psychologically and to elevate from the lower chakras, where most humans are vibrating. The proper music can be also used as a technique or a therapy to go beyond the mind or simply relax in a natural way with the help of sounds combined in a particular way and rhythm. Music can take one deeper, can help to tranquillise, can help to sleep, it can harmonize the space. It can be use to treat depression, anxiety and other psychological problems as well, as long as it is the right sattvic music expressed through the proper combination of sounds - with or without lyrics.

Now, being 46 years old, and having travelled around India and many western countries since I was in my twenties, I can say I have discovered a big contradiction and a huge disappointment and sad truth: a music market where many of the producers of 'healing music' consume substances such as marijuana, even when they sell their music as therapeutic for a balanced joyful, relaxed life, peace and higher consciousness. I have observed that many musicians even start projecting themselves as healers or gurus and when these musicians consume drugs, what they are honestly doing is offering a product that has not worked for themselves. They have not been able to get 'intoxicated' (like the Sufis poetically say) by the power of sound - or music has not served its elevating purpose for them, so they looked for an alternative to that in which music has not been able to succeed. But at the same time, they offer their music as healing and relaxing - sacred and able to elevate, using Sanskrit texts in it which are part of a higher wisdom. So there is a dichotomy here and at least another kind of music should be offered by people who have not been able to elevate through it without using stimulating substances in their own lives.

Since I started playing for meditation in the Osho Ashram in Pune I have seen and I still encounter the use of marijuana (and alcohol as an addiction) in musicians that are playing and singing in the name of meditational music around the world. I was around 18 and I remember we used to play with musicians - as much as i remember, from Japan, China, Germany, Italy... whom i often encountered after the meditation concerts consuming drugs. At that point to me it was totally shocking, because i felt the power of the music so uplifting that i was wondering how it could be possible they could not touch that space and how they needed to get the kick intoxicating themselves with substances instead of getting it from the music. At that age i must have been even more innocent, and it was totally contradictory for me, being there doing that music and participating in meditations, playing with some musicians that were already thinking when the concert was over so they could go get high 'artificially' afterwards.

To my amazement, there are musicians offering concerts and retreats in the name of healing, harmony and peace. When i see this, i would tell them, ‘Let’s start by home: has your material served you firstly, to heal, to be in that harmony that you are selling and sharing with thousands?’ So seeing these situations, I’ve always asked myself, why are they using toxic substances that bring states of false relaxation, false-reality, hallucination and a false sense of ok-ness? Why do they use substances themselves? Was the power of the music they are selling as healing not good enough for themselves? That is perfectly ok if it failed... but then one cannot be offering to others. First one has to set the example.

But the big contradiction is offering music in the name of therapeutic healing or meditation, while smoking marijuana regularly. Something is clearly wrong, or the greed has taken over and the sight of the big picture was lost. But whatever the reason, it is not a model because it is like selling music for solving sleeping-problems and later discovering that the musician making that music is addicted to sleeping pills. It looses all its credibility and the reason for the music is already weak in its own source. It is not only about doing a nice or catchy melody and placing a sacred Indian text in it ... this is something western musicians highly misunderstand. It is a whole world which has to be in tune - just like yoga is not only asana - anybody that is looking at yoga as only asana, pose or exercise should not call it yoga. In the devotional uplifting music is the same there is a deeper understanding and a lifestyle behind it that should be followed to give the music its credibility. Of course, we are talking about music which is able to take the listener or the meditator to a higher plane.

Good music is able to take to a space of bliss with no need of absolutely anything else - no audience, no recognition, no claps, no prizes, and even less drugs. If a spiritual teacher is found to have sexual misconduct… do we believe any further in his teachings? Likewise, a person who cannot give an example of a substance-free life behind the preach of uplifting music, meditation, yoga or other techniques, is automatically conveying that what he is saying is false just by matching his own reality. It hasn’t worked for him or her - which is ok (we are humans) but then one must take a step aside and work on oneself first, recover, regain a healthy state first.

The sound of the abstract is called ANAHAD in the Vedas, meaning unlimited sound. The Sufis name it SARMAD, which suggests the idea of intoxication. The word 'intoxication' is here used to signify uplifment, the freedom of the soul from its earthy bondage. Those who are able to hear the saut-e-sarmad and meditate on it are relieved from all worries, anxieties, sorrows, fears and diseaseas, and the soul is freed from captivity in the senses and in the physical body. (Hazrat Inayat Khan)

Meditation requires awareness and it is really impossible to meditate under the effects of mind-changing substances ...simply because it is physically not possible to meditate when the mind is not in its natural state, moreover, it’s contrary to the nature of meditation. The purpose of meditation is to bring awareness, the contrary of what marijuana and other drugs do: block awareness, distort reality. In that sense, music has failed them (or they failed music) and the problem is that they are now bond to music due to the commercial advantage they have gained from it, so they keep on producing and selling their music for spirituality and wellbeing... when at home it didn't work.

Marijuana is a drug and smoking it obscures the path.

Many people are still naive about chemical dependence, about how destructive, powerful, and overwhelming it is. It is known to all of us that unfortunately in the world of music and celebrities, it is easy to fall into addictions - when they are not able to cope with the fame and success - it is a psychological phenomenon produced related to an unbalanced sahaj-atma - the natural state of being. In other words, the caliber and aplomb in that person was not enough solid and strong to cope with the success or with the situation. And then arises the need of attaining extraordinary induced states - and then the trap is wanting more and more and needing more and more. Interesting enough, in the artists’ world, one big lie told about drugs is that they help become more creative. The truth is quite different and quite opposite. A drug can lift a person into a fake kind of perceived creativity, but when the drug wears off, he or she crashes even lower than before. Eventually, drugs will completely destroy all the creativity a person naturally had, because the idea of creativity had come in a state of hallucination or non-reality - a fake reality.

The world of excesses of all kinds is a big psychological subject where I am not getting into and I am sure one can research enough about it. It is an unfortunate happening found only in the human beings in this planet and in no other species, simply because it is product of the mind - of desires, of seeking for more, of evading reality. Maybe out of self-unsatisfaction and unbalance, people look for more and more stimulus to feel extra sensations. It also happens with food, sex, alcohol which can also become an addiction when over-used as well as marijuana and all other drugs and any addiction leads to the endless wheel of desire for more and newer sensations - until the body collapses. It is a failure of the human being who has not been able to use its mind properly and wisely.

As a musician raised in India and a self-seeker of higher consciousness, i create compositions or 'sound arrangements' to which frequently inspiring and ancient wisdom texts are given, like mantras, which enrich my compositions and beautify the music. I really don't know if my music will heal anybody or it will bring wellbeing and harmony in anybody’s life. Although I believe it for myself - it works on myself to bring me to a higher state of relaxation - and I hope this is the case with many others, and if that is the case, i feel really blessed.

Music has helped me a lot to go through certain hardships, to release tension, to feel joy and satisfaction, to meditate, to accompany loving moments, to do introspection. So i offer my music because I believe in it 100% and it is a reflection of my being: to me, music brings peace, awareness, elevation, healing. There are many listeners to whom music helps a lot, and there are also people who prefer silence, or listening to the ocean, the rain or the birds. And all these are equally in harmony.

‘There are moments of happiness and moments of unhappiness- but the demand to be in a permanent state of happiness is the enemy to this body.’ UG

And yes, it IS possible to go higher through music… with no other condiments or tricks. I can assure you it is possible, because it happens to me - sometimes just rehearsing in my bedroom, not even in a concert. The right music definitely can get you higher or uplifted, renewed, relaxed and feeling better or even take you to higher meditative planes. It can work on our emotions and help us process what we are going through. No need of smoke, alcohol, or substances of any kind. It is possible to heal with music as well… as a holistic approach in which sound and the proper type of music can be incredibly effective. And a holistic approach simply means to maintain a good working balance between mind, body and soul.

My no-drugs position has nothing to do with being old-fashioned or unflexible, as sometimes the mind wants to justify - specially the mind of the consumers as i have seen. The body doesn’t need toxic substances. Joy, happiness and wellbeing can be felt naturally when one is in balance. And when problems come, they can be faced, one can suffer temporarily until the storm passes, there is no need to evade the reality. It is the nature of coming to this Earth: sometimes things go up and sometimes they go down. That doesn't mean that when things go down we have to hide. We stay in the stormy ocean and go through the problems... until the sun comes back.

Reality is truth: self-revealing and silent.

A person that damages the body and mind through marijuana and drugs has a problem which first she/he needs to recognize, and needs to recover, probably searching for the right help.

OM SHANTI is the mantra for peace… the peace as a state of being: the peace with oneself, with the others and with the world. Each musician sharing devotional music should be at a certain plane in which he can play, create and share out of the soul, out of the ecstasy of their own music, their own being, their own peace and purity. Their music should be a reflection of themselves. A certain purity or innocence should be there. Then it also will show that they have understood the power of the sound energy, and they are applying it on themselves - firstly.

Going back to the letter I found, I once more understand the importance of not taking this or any drug lightly. Let’s be modern, but let’s not be ignorant. The fact that it is available everywhere does not mean that we must take the issue less seriously. Everybody realizes the problem, except the one who is consuming - he will defend and justify in hundreds of different creative ways. They will even treat me like a dummy for saying that marijuana is not innocent, since the person smoking pot is in a cloud and is literally in love with the drug. It’s really sad because the first step to solve a problem is to recognize there is one. Any kind of drugs constitute a hiding place for avoiding the present and confronting the reality. A marijuana consumer does not want to encounter the pain, does not want to ‘see’ himself, does not want to swim across the stormy ocean towards the lighthouse. He found a shortcut to a false 'joy' that not only never comes, but it slowly destroys the inner being and the physical harmony of the body/mind structure, our body, our temple. It is exactly opposite to a meditative state.

Drugs have no space in the path of consciousness. Consciousness is being present now and acting with awareness in each situation, with each thought. Drugs are synonym of being absent. And we need a world with more consciousness, with more light. Being in a state of peace through a drug is fake and non-lasting, unreal. People that have small children will support it, because we want to bring them to a better world: the world of inner natural joy, the joy of simple things, a light world, not an obscure world. Who wants our kids to be harmed physically and emotionally? Not one single healthy soul.

Just as common as smoking marijuana may be, it is so simple and possible to not get involved with it, to say NO. We all can build an integrated solid person. That moment in which a person starts consuming is avoidable. It is not needed to play with fire, it is not worth to start possible addictive habits. And it’s not so difficult to stay out of drugs. Just like never grabbing a cigarette if you don't want to become a smoker is totally possible. It is a matter of an instant, saying 'no' from the first time.

One has to understand how drugs work and their consequences - one has to see how ‘the solution’ sought in drugs is the start of a huge problem and a dark endless tunnel where actuality becomes distorted and the most painful is that it becomes extremely hard to re-gain the innocence of the natural healthy innocent body-mind being again.

The letter of this young man is very simple and not scientific but it helps understanding the problem from the view of a person that experienced this path of nightmare for years… and later he ‘woke up’ from the dream, and looking back realized the big trap he got into by believing marijuana would be innocent or harmless. People smoking marijuana think they are doing great only because they are not aware of the reality. They have fallen out of sahaj atma - their natural state of being… they are in a spell, they need help, or they need to recognize they need help. Life is so beautiful and magical, it deserves to be lived ‘awake’ and consciously. With deep compassion and love for this young boy, I love to transcribe his letter - an inspiration among millions that have gone through this situation of thinking all is ok and later seeing the whole cheat behind that monster of drugs.

A letter written by a 24 year old boy in Argentina, October 2017:

M. A. Crespo

Marijuana is harmess (and I believed it)

El porro no hace nada (yo me lo creí) - original title

My parents always told me that drugs kill, but I saw so many people smoking it and nobody died. But I saw that when my friends smoked it they would start to laugh and have a good time.


In doubt, I decided to ask if marijuana kills directly to the source: the people who smoke it - and they replied that no, that these are lies. It relaxes you, you have fun and you feel great. In front of this certainty, even parents let themselves be convinced: ‘Everybody does it, they smoke everywhere, it makes you feel good, it’s a passing time.’ With this scenario, parents are left without tools: ‘how am I going to take away this candy so much liked by him away, if everybody is doing it?’


My friends, convinced that smoking does not cause you any issue, convinced me. And it was ok because I liked doing it. Although later, problems started to appear. In my family, they told me that nobody could talk to me, that I reacted bad and irritated. I didn’t want them to interfere because I found in marijuana the peace I needed. I had issues in the school which didn’t let me sleep and with the marijuana I was ok. Even my girlfriend left me, but I didn’t mind about anything any more. I stopped going to the disco, and I was hanging around with the boys even at times I was supposed to be at school. Mom was mad because I went home to eat only and then locked myself in my room.

My friend Juan who never took drugs, says that I used to feel I was doing great, because I was not aware of the reality. Marijuana altered what I perceived and what I understood about things and I was seeing a different reality from the person that did not smoke. Depending on the level of marijuana in my brain, i project, i fly, i meditate about my life. I was building fantastic castles in the air, but afterwards nothing came true.

And I changed my projects week by week, year by year. I abandoned school and changed career each year. Actually, I had a hard time learning, I spent hours on the same book page and I was not able to learn by memory, I started forgetting things. I thought I had things under control, thinking that I would be ok if I was more than five days without smoking. (…) Marijuana stays stored in the brain as a reserve of cannabis. So I always had a daily dose - for which the abstinence or despair with nervousness, anger, anxiety, perspiration for not smoking, appeared after about 10 days. It’s a physical or psychological abstinence, meaning that I then despair and the need comes back to be around the group of friends who are consumers. If one smokes frequently, it tales about a month to detoxify. Amazingly enough, even if I don’t smoke for 3 weeks, the urine test keeps giving the tetrahidrocannabinoides (cannabis-marihuana) positive.

Today I am 24 years old and I am in a therapeutic community.(...) Leaving the marijuana, I start to take consciousness of the reality and when I look backwards, I realize how I cheated myself for such a long time. Sometimes I feel like and idiot, childish, who cries for his mom or for a small frustration. It’s like i still was 14 years old, as if I had stopped maturing the day in which I got engaged and fell in love with marijuana. I did not learn to solve problems, I did not learn from the experiences - all got hidden through smoking. (…)

When I entered the rehabilitation centre I didn’t want to stay because there were various that were totally crazy and I was the only marijuana consumer. But later I found out that they all had started like me, falling in love with marijuana. They were hearing voices (auditive hallucinations), they spoke to themselves and they didn’t coordinate much what they said, even when they had been in the centre for several months without consuming. Marijuana in many people triggers a psychosis : not having contact with the reality among other things… in some it gets better with medication and not smoking any more and, others, unfortunately do not recover any more from their mental illness, and schizophrenia is diagnosed.

To understand a little better, I started to read and learnt that drugs stimulate the liberation of a neurotransmitter substance called dopamine which stimulates the brain giving a pleasure sensation. The person wants to repeat this sensation, increasing the frequency and the quantity consumed, being very difficult to say ‘no’ to ‘that’ which causes pleasure, and moreover ‘everyone is doing it.’ As consuming time advances, the neurons get used to it, they get used to the new chemical guest, producing a change in its structures, with time, and afterwards it turns difficult or impossible to drop it. For this reason it is said that addiction is a sickness, since biological mechanisms are involved, not only psychological ones, and it cannot be cured only by will (…) That’s the magic property of the drug, that it makes you feel pleasure immediately - and the faster the effect is achieved, the more addictive, more risks are there of not being able to abandon it. You fall in love, you get married and the saddest part is that you cannot divorce. (…)

How much time I lost for having believed marijuana is harmless.

M. A. Crespo from Argentina.

. . . . . . . . . .

I am flexible, modern, cool, playful, happy, sometimes childlike and I love to have fun and enjoy life keeping the beauty of innocence. I make music and enjoy it with no need of any kick-in substance. The music when high in quality is the kick-in. Mantras, towards which i have my utmost respect and reverence, were conceived as a path to the higher self. And it's true.

People that are addicted cannot be offering hope to other people - first they must be sincere, heal themselves and recover their natural balance, the natural state.

Drugs are avoidable - they are there, but we all can choose to remain light and aware. No drug can be called innocent, cool or light, and even less underestimated. As difficult as it may be to face one’s problems or tough times, the consequences of drug-use are always worse than the problem one is illusory escaping through them.

If there is something that you see is not okay in your life or life around you, you have to act consciously ans see how to handle the situation. What would be the true solution for this?

I know that music has the magical power to provide states of elevation and healing, just by its nature: the powerful energy of sound used wisely and accurately. The right music can 'give you a buzz' keeping your mind healthy and fully awake and aware. I have experienced it through music, so I know it. And when I say this, I walk my talk.

Asato mā Sadgamaya

Tamasomā Jyotir Gamaya

Mrityormāamritam Gamaya

Oṁ śhānti śhānti śhāntiḥ

From the unreal lead me to truth

From darkness lead me to light

From death, lead me to immortality

Om peace, peace, peace


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