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This album was inspired in the energy of Shiva, who can be the most compassionate one, to the most fierce Kalbhairav. It is an immense privilege and a blessing to have a lifetime opportunity to musically interact with these amazing, powerful and beautiful sacred chants, stotras and prayers of Shiva. Release date: 11. Dec 2021


Album Content:

1. Shiva Panchākshar Stotram: 5.44
2. Shiva Prātah Smaran Stotram: 4.12
3. Lingāshtakam: 7.08
4. Mahā Mrityunjaya Mantra: 6.57
5. Shiva Tāndava Stotram: 8.33
6. Rudrāshtakam: 5.54
7. Shivāshtak: 5.36
8. Shiva Shadākshara Stotram: 7.39
9. Kālbhairavāshtakam: 5.52
10. Om Namah Shivāy: 6.56
Total time: 64.31


CD Booklet link

Physical CD: buy here

WAV files can also be downloaded in Bandcamp


Additional album Information and videos:


Youtube official video:

Adiyogi: Chants of Shiva

  • If you would like WAV files, no problem, we can send you that! Please first buy the mp3 and send us a mail requesting the WAV to:

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